Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dennis Gruending On The Oppression Of Canadian Mennonite Magazine

Quite a bit more detail here than in the CBC piece.  The most interesting bit, though, is not even about the magazine per se.  Its about the financial costs associated with running afoul of the CRA:

[David] Suzuki...said that his foundation had been audited three times prior to 2012. “It’s very demoralizing,” he said in a media interview. “The last time we were audited I think it cost over $100,000 of our money to do that, so it’s a very expensive, punitive thing that can be done.

In news that is related when you think about it, our department of fisheries is now at the service of Enbridge in the cause of ramming Northern Gateway through.

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crf said...

I've long thought that the model that best fits Harper's style of "conservative" government is a 1980's eastern-european fear-based communist bureaucracy.