Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I've Been Trying My Whole Life To Destroy the MSM...

...and now they're committing suicide right in front of me.  From Sun media's paywall Q&A:

 In Canada, media companies are also looking to digital monetization to grow their revenue. Sun Media was a leader in the market,launching a freemium model on Journal de Montreal and Quebec in September,followed by PostMedia`s Vancouver Sun and Ottawa Citizen launch of metered access in October, and the Globe & Mail`s on November 1st. Our five SUN sites will launch metered access on Tuesday, December 4th. The Toronto Star has announced they will follow suit with the introduction of a paid content model sometime in 2013.

Sun Media will be tracking IP addresses, so I don't know whether dodging their wall will be as trivial an exercise as it apparently is with the G&M and NY Times.  In the case of the Globe, there has literally been nothing behind the wall that I've been willing to clear my browser cache over.  The folks at Huffpo Canada must be thrilled at these developments.  Their competition is  abandoning the field.

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Saskboy said...

Ding Dong the Sun is dying.