Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The World Post S13, Part Whatever

Looks like Arthur has finally been charged, and they've dinged him with a firearms offence for good measure.  As I've written repeatedly over the past couple of months:

The only  difference [post Section 13] is that the police will sub-in for officers from the various human rights commissions and tribunals, and folks like Mr. Topham will wind-up going to the pokey rather than getting a letter in the mail.  Somebody explain to me how this is an improvement.


MgS said...

The real problem with repealing S13 is that doing so puts an unrealistically high bar of proof in place that the propagandists will be able to slither under.

It is not an improvement, for those who belong to minority communities, it is potentially disastrous. (Personally, I'd like to see the libel laws expanded to include slander of identifiable groups in the absence of S13).

double nickel said...

You should warn a guy before linking to that fetid swamp.