Thursday, November 08, 2012

Keystone XL: Don't Get Your Hopes Up

Not just because the U.S. ambassador says not too.  But because deciding on the "safest route" in an EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) is just a matter of counting how many streams must be crossed, properties expropriated, and etc, and assigning a score..  I would argue, and have argued, that by this measure the route already rejected was the safest one available (had the best score), and that any rejig:

...simply transfers the environmental risk to some place other than Sandhills, and increases it overall.  If the Obama administration can't get behind the current route, it would be even more difficult to get behind any of its major competitors.  And note too that Nebraska lawmakers themselves are only talking about moves that would increase the pipe length by 30 or 40 miles, which doesn't sound like any of the possibilities considered in the EIS and which, therefore, will almost certainly not solve the problem of the pipe's crossing Nebraska's environmentally sensitive areas in the first place.  

Plus the oil companies just spend $1,000,000,000s to defeat Obama.  He owes them dick.


Frank said...

The southern portion of Keystone has been approved and is under construction. Along with Canadian oil, Keystone will initially carry 100,000 barrels per day of land locked North Dakota oil from the burgeoning Bakken play. It's a win win for both countries. Don't get your hopes up.

Gloria said...

I understood, the Keystone was a go. They just had to reroute, because of a delicate terrain. The U.S. will refine the dirty Bitumen for resale, was my understanding.

Obama doesn't trust Harper, his very close relationship with Communist China. China hacked into other country's secret files. They sold infected electronic components to other country's. U.S. missiles and other weapons, had infected components purchased from China.

China is showing a lot of aggression around the globe. Other country's are having to kick China out of their territories. Harper brought that country, right onto Canadian soil. Harper has very seriously compromised security.

Many country's are worried about their security, because of China's treachery.

There is a rift, between Obama and Harper. I don't blame Obama for not trusting Harper. We don't trust him either. Canadians want nothing to do with Communist China, what-so-ever.

bigcitylib said...

My point is that the terrain they are likely to shift the pipeline to is just as delicate as the route they've rejected, if not more so.