Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nobody Loves The Mayor

Calling the situation a “crisis” for city hall, Coun. Giorgio Mammoliti, a Ford ally, said he would not support a byelection because he thinks it would be a waste of money with two years left in the current four-year term.

Instead, he would prefer council to appoint a “caretaker” mayor if Ford’s appeal fails.

I am beginning to think the mayor is done, politically, given this, Mammoliti's quitting the executive, and similar sentiments expressed by Ford ally Doug Holyday a day ago.  If Ford can't run again for two years, the city will get used to boring council politics again and decide they like it.  Center right money-men will find another candidate with a similar political agenda but without the penchant for stepping on rakes.  And if Ford runs, he just splits the vote that candidate.  Presto!  Mayor Chow!

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Scanner said...

When David Crombie left office to run for the Tories federally, the Toronto City Council chose an interim mayor (Fred Beavis, zomg) so there is precedent for a council vote. Personally I think that would be hilarious but I am generally mean. Halliday would not be as ADHD as Wee Bobby but just think of the maneuvering for a vote.
Paula Fletcher for interim Mayor.