Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sometimes A Witch Hunt Helps The Witch

If the Torys want to haul Justin Trudeau before House Natural Resources Committee to explain his Alberta statements, then let 'em.  Give the guy hours of looking handsome and acting human to lay out his leadership platform before a national audience.  Because, believe me, this will get covered wall-to-wall.  The One, getting nagged by the one with two chins.  Although I suspect Stephen Harper will find a means to  make this stupid idea go away.  As for us Liberals, of course we should all bust out a can of fake outrage.  But, really-- pray for this to come to pass.


Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said...

..unless you happen to be Rob Ford and are too arrogant or clueless to know how to turn a bunch of ankle-biting to your advantage :)

Michael said...

When a witch was burned at the stake it was thought to be a good thing for the witch because being purified by pain in this manner meant that because of this Penance, her soul was released to God. But......the witch was dead. If you think giving Trudeau yet ANOTHER forum to stick his foot in it is a good thing, then by allllllll means. I look forward to it. :D

double nickel said...

Trudeau vs. Brazeau redux.

Gene Rayburn said...
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Gene Rayburn said...

Michael provides a slice of hubris in what is hopefully his eventual crow pizza.

Michael said...

Well Gene, I keep hearing how utterly afraid that the Tories are of Trudeau, but it seem like everytime he comes to a riding during a by-election to pump up the troops, the Liberal candidate loses. Now I'm not going to go THAT far out on a limb on a stretch like that to say Trudeau is the very reason why, but it IS an interesting corelation.

Trudeau is neither worldly like Ignatieff, competent like Martin, saavy like Chretien, experienced like Rae, or nose-to-the-grind like Dion. Harper trounced Ignatieff and Dion; he wore down Martin, and he learned a lot of the game from Chretien. Harper is the Anderson Silva of the Canadian political scene, and Double Nickel reminds us that Trudeau beat up Brazeau as if that is supposed to mean something?

Now Tories are supposed to fear Trudeau, why? Oh....right....he is a Trudeau. And he looks nice. *YAWN*

Garneau would be a worthy, competent, accomplished opponent. But Liberals don't want that; they want a messiah, and a panderer, which is why Trudeau is the front-runner and will probably become the next leader, which would suit me just fine. Fear? LOL I'm hoping he wins.

Anonymous said...

Oh Michael how coy, me thinks you protest too much. I learned a long time ago how to recognise a con-man and you are such.

The last thing the Reform Party needs is the young starting to ask questions. People exercising their franchise is the enemy of the extreme right where government is for the few. The lower the number involved the happier the right are. Trudeau for all his faults, and they are many, will get more of the idealistic young into the election game. That is harmful to survival prospects of corporate welfare recipients like Harper and the other hacks.

He is far from a messiah, but he is young, has pedigree, kicked the crap out of a reform lackey after another reform loudmouth chickened out and he is far from boring. As such he captures the imagination of the young, you know those folk who will pay for your catheters and palliative health care.

Michael said...

Harebell, lets go over those attributes you've emphasized -

3)beat someone up


But youthinks I'm coyly protesting too much because I'm pretending that I'm not really afraid of Trudeau's prospects as Liberal leader. So cute. I heard the same exact tripe about Dion and Ignatieff. Where are they again? Right, Dion is languishing in obscurity on the backbench and Ignatieff is forgetten in academia. Martin was supposed to win a 200+ seat majority, then.........poof. I was supposed to be afraid of Rae, too, but he petered out as well. Now comes Trudeau who is lesser in every conceivable way than all of them and somehow he is to be feared.

Please. :eyeroll:

Look, I don't care whether you believe he concerns me or not; I just hope that the Liberals are foolish enough to select him as leader.