Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Poor Wording David McGuinty sacked.  And indeed we must not begrudge Alberta MPs their championing of local tar mines to the exclusion of all other methods of powering the national economy.  That's all the ruling current federal government sees when they imagine  the future of the West or, indeed, the future of the country itself.  No making; no refining even. Extraction all the way.   Its an ideological divide: the East creates (cars, art, and etc).; the West, or at least Alberta, pumps.  That's it; that's all. And though they're just 11% of the population, they amount to almost 14% of the national economy.  About what you get when, thinking in Ontario terms, you add the GDP of North Tillsonburg to the GDP of Etobicoke.  And all this economic clout fueling an uppity attitude that's bigger than Texas. 

So, yes Mr. McGuinty should be censured, but on the other hand we as a nation must respectfully remind Albertans that if the Harper feds ever approve The Northern Gateway pipeline over the will of BCers, who thought they were part of the West until they were betrayed by Calgary politicians, then BCers will declare independence, slaughter your cowboy hordes at Kicking Horse Pass, and then march on Calgary, where we will proceed to burn down the Saddledome, which is the your emperor's seat of government.

That is all.


the salamander said...

Goodness .. we don't censure politicians in this country.. we award them headline 'personality' status. Suddenly silent Dean Del Mastro, Senator in/out Finley, Stephan in contempt Harper, High Commissioner Campbell ..

Who is this upstart McGuinty culprit ? Is he louder or ruder than Mr Baird re his beloved Israel ? This the same Baird who once loved the Great Bear Rain Forest but now adores China as well as Israel ...

Your 2nd paragraph disturbs me .. tho I admire the prose mightily .. It includes 'we as a nation' and 'BC'ers will declare independence' .. Is that just prose ?

I myself doubt there will be much of a fuss in the Kicking Horse Pass. I'm not aware of any pipelines being jammed through there. I'd not expect cowboy hordes. My suggestion is to support and reinforce the First Nations on the coast, and in the rainforest and BC's northeastern boreal.

That's where Stephen Harper will send the RCMP to clean out them indians and anyone who stands with them. When the RCMP fail to return from their mission, he'll order Canadian Forces in.. ships, troops, aircraft ..

I guess that's when we really find out who believes in this carpet bagger A-hole and anyone who's been backing his play.

Do ya think Canadian soldiers will fire on Canadians defending Canada .. umm ..

Stephen Harper .. dismissed ..... !

bigcitylib said...

2nd Par: Joking aside, I think NG pipeline is the biggest threat to Canadian unity today. If its forced, yes I do think a BC separatist movement will spring up.

Kicking horse pass is just the pass with the coolest name. I don't actually know where it is.

UU4077 said...

I believe his comments were relatively "innocent" and born out of frustration. Unfortunately for David McGinty, he is the brother of a now despised Premier in Ontario and there is a by-election in Calgary - where the Conservatives are struggling. Otherwise, his comments would have been a non-event.

wilson said...

BCL a new bitumen refinery is being built in Redwater Alberta, announced 2 weeks ago, the North West Refinery.

The refinery is 100% Canadian owned and is the first refinery in the world that incorporates CO2 capture into the initial design.

The first of 3 stages is underway, when complete (3 years) will be a $15 Billion infrastructure creating 8000+ jobs here.

Anonymous said...

McGuinty is just sad.

Frank said...

This is a non story. McGuinty's comments are fairly typical of the third Party. It's Rae who made it newsworthy. Cretin would have just shrugged it off.

Omar said...

I'll believe there is a $5.7-billion bitumen refinery when I see it. Not shovels beginning to move some ground around, mot construction cranes towering over the site, but an actual $5.7-billion bitumen refinery standing there refining bitumen. In other words, I don't believe a word of it.

david.sands said...

Ignoring your punditry and prejudice and "censor" vs. censure sloppiness: You really should read up on the Kicking Horse Pass. You actually do know where it is (more's the pity).
- David Sands

Frunger said...

The East has been creatnig less and less every year.

You're comment about being 11% of the population contributing 14% of the economic production reads like a sneer. Seems to me it's proof that whatever Alberta is doing is working out pretty well.

For comparison: ON at 39% of the population pulling 37% of the economic activity.

One province pulling more than their own weight, the other falling short.

wilson said...

Believe it Steve W.
It's been 2 years in the making, with equiptment and site ready for early 2013.

Omar said...

Sure, Wilson. An announcement made 2 weeks ago with a tentative start date set for spring 2013. Nope, believe when I see it. I think it's a bullshit story.

Scanner said...

When the Bow River runs dry because of global warming, where will be your Tar Mines Calgary?