Monday, July 23, 2007

The Ballad Of Free Dominion, And Other News

Suzanne has an MP3 of the Coren/Connie Wilkins interview from last night. I was bathing my pet hamster and listening to Satanic heavy metal music at the time, so I missed it. But I will download and write up before the day is out.

Over at FD itself the case has inspired bad poetry (A tyranny has been growing these past few years we all can plainly see,/ to attack our families, Jesus, you, and me.) , a few shaky stabs at introspection ("Is FD Christian?") , and mutterings about "taking down" the CRHC guessed it...Alberta Separatism. Meanwhile folks over at SDA continue to harass Ms. Gentes with nasty emails explaining why Muslims are not worth being offended over.

And anyone for who wants some back story, check out here and here.

God this is fun! I'm making popcorn even now! The only question I have is: where's Kinsella? Shouldn't he have denounced somebody by this time?

Update: A story on this issue in the Kingston Whig-Standard. It is not just Whatcott's comments on the site, but the fact FD links to his discriminatory fliers and therefore helps in "disseminating hate literature ", that drew the complaint.


Anonymous said...

ohhh a Warren Kinsella lawsuit would be perfect right about now!

We have to find someone for him to sue, is the pope available next week?

MgS said...

Oddly, I think this complaint is misfiled.

Linking to someone else's crap doesn't necessarily imply ownership or agreement.

I link to all sorts of garbage I find on the web - mostly for the purpose of tearing it to shreds.

The complaint itself should be taken up with Bill Whatcott (a loon currently trying to run for Mayor in Edmonton)

Ti-Guy said...

Is FD shut down yet? I can hardly wait...Long Live liberal Tyranny!!!

bigcitylib said...


Yeah I am not sure about the status of linking. But Connie et al did not pull the link, and still haven't, and you could probably find evidence onsite that they in fact did agree with it.

Reality Bites said...

Bill Whatcott is a member of FD, held up as a wonderful standard of Christianity by Connie and others, despite the many, many times he has spat in their face to follow his own agenda.

His views are not isolated on FD. Far from it. Others have engaged in FAR more clear examples of anti-gay and anti-Muslim hate than he has. There have been more posts calling for the expulsion of all Muslims from Canada than I can count. There have been calls for death to gays and Muslims. Calls for unilingualism, expulsion of Quebec, etc. In many cases, white supremacists and anti-Semites have been allowed to remain by keeping their spew just inside the limits of outright hate speech.

And yes, there is much to be found on FD that is NOT hate speech. There are people who have no hatred in their hearts at all, a sprinkling who are pro-choice, pro-gay, etc. And as long as they don't dwell on it, or express their opinions in the same filthy manner the bigots do, they're permitted to stay.

Does that excuse the other stuff? I don't know. I'm not a lawyer, judge, sociologist, police officer, or any kind of specialist on hate speech.

Would Zundel still be in Canada if he was willing to allow some input from non-Nazis on his site, as long as they were polite to Nazis and treated their views with respect while they themselves were abused?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the argument over "family friendly" which is absurd considering the content of FD. Like the veiled or not-so-veiled threats some of the macho-pretenders like to make against others on or off the forum. And didn't adamyoshida advocate mass murder by nuking a country? It might have been a predominately Muslim country, I forget. And possibly someone rebuked him; but he's still a member

bigcitylib said...

Holly, I think I will make the "family friendly" aspect of FD the subject of my next post tomorrow.

Ti-Guy said...

regularly leave nasty comments that breach Human Rights Laws.

Well, get off your bum and file a complaint.

Is FD shut down yet? Just checkin'

*cackle cackle*

Reality Bites said...

Holly it was China, if I recall correctly.

Reality Bites said...

Yup, here we go:

Anonymous said...

Ha! On his own website he's advocated nuking North Korea

and apparently also advocated nuking Iran.

One-track mind there.

Reality Bites said...

On the contrary, his thinking is quite multi-lateral.

Most whackjobs would be content to turn just one area into a nuclear wasteland. Dude's got game!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, they haven't learned a thing, have they? Look at them talking about Muslims:

leewgrant on page 2 "...If it had been the disabled at least it would be a group we would could support. I'm a damned sight more concerned with their rights than people whose response to a problem is car bombings and blowing up buildings..."

concan of page 3 "...The muslim agenda at work in Canada, folks. Make no mistake. There is a conspiracy by muslims to kill off all who critizise Islam and then to convert those who are intimidated by the process..."

and Entropy Squared seems to have no problem at all with these comments made today."="84694&start"="30

Reality Bites said...

leegrant is one of the "liberals" on the site, although he's becoming more and more extreme.

Reality Bites said...

The wiki article on FD, and the way they are trying to revise it.

At the suggestion of Mark and Westviking, I went over to Wikipedia with my pen and rewrote the entry from about the second sentence onwards, as that was about as far as I could agree with what had been posted there for all to read.

bigcitylib said...

Anon 8:42:

I make a similar point in this morning's post.