Sunday, July 22, 2007

Conservative Car At Back Of Pack

Pierre Bourque and his Conservative Party of Canada sponsored Car 29 finished a dismal 17th at the Rexall Grand Prix Edmonton yesterday, winning a grand total of $640:

15. (24) Doug Brown, Brantford, Ontario, Dodge, 32, $665.
16. (17) Joey McColm, Ajax, Ontario, Dodge, 32, $650.
17. (25) Pierre Bourque, Ottawa, Ontario, Dodge, 32, $640.
18. (22) James Van Domselaar, Ft. Saskatchewan, Alberta, Chevrolet, 32, $625.

Don't worry Pierre, you'll get your coveted top ten one of these days (Maybe if were to you enter a hot-dog eating contest or something). In fact, I hope the CPoC itself manages to place in the top 10 during during our next federal election but, given recent polling trends, that is NOT likely.


Steve V said...

Did you catch this quote today:

"It's something we came up with as a way to reach out to the non-traditional voting public," said Tory spokesman Ryan Sparrow.

"They're people who work hard, pay their taxes and play by the rules. Those are the people we're targeting."

As opposed to the Liberals, who are targeting lazy, unemployed, tax dodgers, with ties to criminal elements.

bigcitylib said...

How many Canadians, hard working or otherwise, will cheer for a consistent loser?

Red Tory said...

Steve — Isn't that the exact same thing that Sparrow said a month ago? It was one of their talking points... they were all saying it.

BCL — Green Party supporters?

Reality Bites said...

BCL, are you SURE you live in Toronto? Have you never met a Leafs fan?

Steve V said...


That might be an old quote, in a new story.

It's actually kind of funny, and maybe an example of poor strategy, hooking your wagon to a also ran car. "Canada's back" of the pack, has a nice ring to it.

bigcitylib said...


The second paragraph of the quote is clearly a recycled Tory talking point. I honestly don't know what "non-traditional voting public" means. If it means that Sparrow thinks NASCAR (or, more specifically, CASCAR) fans don't normally vote, and that this kind of stunt will get them to the polls, then good luck.

Steve V said...

Targetting the apathetic, disengaged voter, that could care less. I smell a majority!

Reality Bites said...

In any political advertising the problem is reaching people who either:

1) vote for your opposition but are amenable to change

2) vote for you but need motivation to vote.

3) don't vote but can be persuaded to, and to vote for you.

Once you reach someone in one of those three groups, they also need to live somewhere their vote can make a difference.

Do I think this sponsorship will gain or cost the CPC any seats? No I don't.

It should gain them some funding though, either through votes or through donations, so in that respect it should be probably be successful

Anonymous said...

I'm just a small town Lib, MJ, not some kind of high-falutin big-timer like you.

But good thing most Liberal bloggers don't lie like you.

I went to the Nascar link on Bourque's website and it shows he finished 17th out of 30 drivers, the best drivers in Canada. And in the previous race, he finished 12th or 13th out of 35 drivers.

Hardly first, for sure, but certainly not last. In the middle. Against guys who've been racing for years.

I'm a huge Nascar fan, I'm glad Pierre's racing. I respect what he does and I always look forward to his racing news. I love the way he writes about his racing.

Nascar ain't easy. Even Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon finish in the middle of the pack, and they're the best stock car drivers in the world.

As for his sponsor, I'm not likely to vote for them since I'm on the local Liberal riding executive, but I like the fact they are thinking out of the box with their advertising strategy.

By the way, you're not planning to run for Parliament some day, MJ, are you ? Our Party could use less bulshitters like you.

Ti-Guy said...

but I like the fact they are thinking out of the box with their advertising strategy.

Yes...only NASCAR fans work hard, pay their taxes and play by the rules. I suggest the Liberal Party adopt the same brilliant strategy....piss off and divide people. Good show!

Anonymous said...

I suggest the Liberal Party ....piss off and divide people

merde, ti-guy, wake up, fool, we already do ... Turner vs Chretien ... Chretien vs Martin ... Ignatieff vs Dion ... Rae vs Dion ... Dion vs Trudeau ...

oh, ya, we're a real tight party alright.

Mike said...

Why is everyone so upset about this? Its not like this was really about NASCAR or CASCAR or racing anyway. This was about the CPC giving Bouque his payola for those headlines on his gnuswatch site.

If Bourque had been a hairdresser, I'm sure there would have been some kind of CPC sponsorship of him at a hairdressing competition.

Don't let this divide us, this is about the CPC paying off its cronies by trying to skirt the election finance laws. You ought to be pissed about that whether you watch CASCAR or not...

Anonymous said...

But, but, but, they're just trying to get the best fuel economy possible, to show the other racers that you can save gas and STILL have fun!

Anonymous said...

"How many Canadians, hard working or otherwise, will cheer for a consistent loser? "

I guess it's the same group that keep voting Liberal.