Monday, July 09, 2007

Conservative Driver Runs At The Back Of The Pack

When Pierre Bourque isn't racing Dodges for the Tories, and finishing well towards the rear, he is racing Porches for that rat's nest of right-wing wingnuttery, CanWest Global Communications, and not finishing at all:

The final pairing for TRG was the No. 42 Carlsen/ Paper of Daniel DiLeo and Pierre Bourque. The driver tandem had been turning incredibly fast laps all weekend and was charging on the lead lap when a transmission problem about two-thirds into the race also forced the No. 42 out of competition.

You can catch up with The CPoC's fastest partisan on July 21st at the Grand Prix Edmonton, where he will be once again racing under the party banner. You can probably catch up with and pass him. You know all the other drivers will.


Anonymous said...

another missed LPC opportunity to connect with real Canadians.

Too bad the latte set in torran can't figure it out. Must be tooooooo busy admiring themselves.

Red Tory said...

Gosh, these folks who blog as "Anonymous" are smart sometimes, aren't they?

Ti-Guy said...

another missed LPC opportunity to connect with real Canadians.

Yeah...all the real Canadians driving Porsches, right? That's so much more authentic than enjoying a cup of coffee.

Anonymous said...

Gee, BigCityGlib, good obfuscation. I went to the Borque site and all I saw was a big fat Dalton banner. Conservative driver indeed.

Anonymous said...

even Kinsella gets it . . . real Canadians, not those oh so liberal Toronto city folks who wanted the yellow ribbons off the fire trucks.

These Canadians get it and are the same ones who like NASCAR.

Go look at the pictures

July 2007

July 8, 2007 - So there I was on the 401 heading West, annoyed that I had forgotten my Blackberry back at the cabin, annoyed that someone had stolen my Ramones licence plate frame, annoyed that I had to come back for a meeting Monday morning...when I saw this.

From Belleville to Toronto, on every single overpass along the 401. Every single one. Hundreds of people standing there, facing the East, holding Canadian flags or little signs or waving at the cars below. It was very powerful, in a way that is hard to explain. It was all to greet them, of course.

I forgot what I had been annoyed about. So I turned off the radio, and drove towards home.

Sometimes you forget, but then - every so often - something happens to remind you what a great country this is, and how lucky we all are to be here.

This was one of those times.

Anonymous said...

so while Taliban Jack the main scuz bucket of the Immoral Progressive leftoids crashed the Victoria Gay Pride Parade and cavorted with the cavorters, these Canadians understand what is going and showed us all what it means to be Canadian.

even the Red Star seems to be getting with the program. Maybe CBC will be next.

Mourners line bridges, tow truckers join shows of respect from Trenton to Toronto
Jul 09, 2007 04:30 AM
Robyn Doolittle
Toronto Star

TRENTON–An old woman sits in a lawn chair clutching her cane, slowly shaking her head as the first of six bodies is unloaded from the military plane.

Nearby, a girl of no more than 8 sits quietly on the ground, picking fistfuls of grass from the earth. She seems unsure why she's there, but knows to sit still and be quiet.

The faint sound of bagpipes reaches them from the tarmac at Canadian Forces Base Trenton, and a tear rolls down the cheek of a woman leaning on her umbrella.

One by one, as they watch, the caskets of the fallen Canadian soldiers who died together in Afghanistan last week are taken from the plane that brought them home.

The soldiers, all killed instantly by the roadside bomb outside Kandahar, were Capt. Jefferson Francis, 37. Capt. Matthew Dawe, 27. Master Cpl. Colin Bason, 28. Cpl. Jordan Anderson, 25. Cpl. Cole Bartsch, 23. Pvt. Lane Watkins, 20.

Residents, firefighters, veterans and police officers have turned up by the hundreds along the barbed wire fence surrounding the air base to pay their respects.

While controversy surrounding the war in Afghanistan continues to fester, military officials say they've seen a mounting swell of support for Canada's troops in recent months.

"People in communities like Cobourg, Port Hope, Oshawa – they line the overpasses along the 401" after making calls to the military to find out when the black hearses are making the long and dolorous journey from Trenton to Toronto, says military spokesperson Capt. Ian Stock.

The procession rolls past the mourners lining the base, turns right onto RCAF Road towards Highway 401. At each intersection, people get out of their cars, stand solemnly and embrace one another, grieving for soldiers they never knew.

Along the route, Trenton families see the flashing lights of the police cruisers and rush from their homes to stand by the road.

They wave Canadian flags, salute and hold their hands over their hearts. Police officers assigned to block traffic also salute smartly, as do the firefighters who have parked their trucks along the road.

Once the convoy is on the highway, it soon begins to drizzle, but that doesn't deter the dozens lining the Smithfield Rd. overpass. One man waves. Others hold the sides of a 2-metre Canadian flag.

Along the route, other drivers see the flashing lights and instinctively pull to the side. Many get out of their cars, some wave, others simply stand at attention and wait before quietly resuming their drive.

At Brighton, fire trucks, ambulances and nearly 100 people are lined two deep as the convoy passes. Children, dressed in red and white, wave small Canadian flags, perhaps left over from Canada Day.

In Cobourg, several hundred people are gathered on each of the town's three overpasses.

Near Oshawa, tow truck drivers at a minor accident stop what they're doing to offer a salute, as do the unhurt drivers of the dented vehicles.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's an omen - CPC car at the back of the pack - so maybe same goes for the CPC party. One can only hope.

Nice eh - humid, hot day and these guys are stinking it up more to proved what? That one can go faster than the other. What a goal in life.

Anonymous said...

I live in Port Hope - the bridges were packed and more than one comment - I don't support the mission but I do support our men and women in uniform - and they weren't all wearing ribbons. It's in the heart folks.

It was so hot, yet people lined the bridges including and mostly the elderly, shaking their heads - some had tears.

It's not the ribbons that support the troops it's the "hearts".

You see, real people don't need Harper and ribbon making companies telling them how to feel about the mission and the troops.

Port Hope is not far from Trenton and each time one of our fallen is brought home - the bridges are lined.

canuckistanian said...

good post bcl.

as for the tribute to the troops: at least harper hasn't banned that...yet. what a patriot: no flags allowed at half-mast, no cameras on the caskets. some patriot.