Monday, July 02, 2007

SoCons Out-FREEP Libs: Abortion Stays Legal

Flanders has the story:

CBC's Great Canadian Wish Contest is now over. At the time of this writing, the "Abolish Abortion" wish was ahead by over 1500 votes. The results of the first five wishes at 12:00am, Sun. July 1 were as follows:

9543 Abolish Abortion in Canada
8008 I wish that Canada would remain pro-choice

But wait, nothing happened! Apparently CBC devoted a couple of seconds of broadcast time to the result around 7:30 am, between kids cartoons, inspiring an angry Flanders to threaten to never again watch a station he claims never to watch. All the prayers, all the fasting, added up to squat doodly! Abortion's still legal! The Rapture has not descended!

Meanwhile, Suzanne tries to explain why its so important for Evangelicals to rule Facebook: its apparently like a little corner of Heaven in cyberspace.

In fairness, here is the Campaign Life news release describing the great victory.


Anonymous said...

interesting . . since we have no abortion law or anti-abortion law in Canada to repeal , reform or protect.

Anonymous said...

That doesn't matter to them anon, they live in a fictious world and probably consider this a "win" of some sort.

They are dangerous and should be locked up. These people are loose cannons and a potential source of terrorism.

Jay said...

Checked out the press release.

Who would have thought Christians could lie so profusely.

Talk about hypocrites.

They better go for another dunk in a river or the will be going to hell.

Ti-Guy said...

Who would have thought Christians could lie so profusely.

It's a bit of a conundrum; when children are brought up without any kind of exposure to structured religion, they don't learn early enough about the hypocrisy, the inconsistencies and the authoritarianism that keep religious authority in place. They're also never exposed to the truly delusionals (who are delusional for other reasons) who accept a lot of this stuff at face value and who have to be lied to to keep their faith.

JJ said...

"Flanders", LOL:D

Anonymous said...

Typical. Just shut your eyes and lie to yourself - "this can't be real, it goes against my beliefs."