Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Go Green Or Go Without (Frilly Underwear)

From CNN:

EDMONTON, Alberta (AP) - Alberta's resource companies are hearing a familiar pitch from an unfamiliar source this week as the U.S. publisher of the Victoria's Secret catalog tries to persuade Alberta's politicians and resource industry that green business can be good business.


Last year, after an intensive campaign by U.S. environmental groups, Limited Brands [which publishes Victoria's Secret] decided to stop buying wood pulp from several western Canadian plants, including the West Fraser (TSX:WFT) plant in Alberta. The decision also affected pulp plants in British Columbia.

As people have been predicting, Alberta has become ground-zero for international environmentalists. And while the Harpers and Stelmachs of this world may be content to blow off Canadians, you can bet they will play ball with the first New York slick that walks through the door. A bit depressing in that we require foreigners to drive our social evolution in the right direction. But whatever works...


Canajun said...

The real story here is not that Victoria's Secret is using it's purchasing leverage to force environmental change, but the environmental damage being done by the company itself. This company ships out more than 1 MILLION catalogues each and every day. Imagine the impact of all that paper manufacturing, ink production, fuel to transport, etc., etc. That's the real story - Victoria's Dirty Little Secret.

Anonymous said...

Tell 'em to feck off. We don't need no stinkin' Americans telling us what to do, right? After years of hearing 'we don't take orders from George Bush', we've learned to also say 'we don't take orders from Al Gore, either'.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Canajun, I ain't doubtin' yer million a day figger but I'd like a link to yer source. I don't see much wrong with a company tryin' to buy from eco-responsible suppliers. That said, I figger there's way too much dead tree product goin' out.

The Trawna Sun can't sell papers so they drop a free bigass Sunday paper in my driveway every week. They been doin' it fer months.

I bought a coupla Dell machines. I get slick mail from 'em about 3x a week.

I get a weekly local shopper newspaper with a blujillion colour flyers from WalMarket, K-Market, Zellers, Crappy Tire and every grocery store in the county. Goes straight from the driveway into the blue box.

I ain't sure Victoria's Secret is any worse than Dell or the National Post or the Trawna star or Sears an' Roebuck. They're all usin' paper and resources like there's no tomorrow. If they wanna try lookin' green by buyin' green, there ain't any harm in that. If they really wanna go green, they should be movin' people from their smail mail list to their email list.

BCL, I'm very disappointed there ain't an illustration fer this boog story. It's cryin' out fer lingerie.


Deno said...
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Deno said...

Guess what BCL?

Alberta can sell its oil faster then we can get it out of the ground. Until this changes and because of peak oil conditions it may be a long time before oil prices stop rising, Alberta will continue to extract as much oil as we can from the tar sands.

When nobody wants to use oil products anymore Alberta will have no choice but to change its ways.

So BCL if you want force Alberta to change its ways, here is what you and all you global warming religious types have to do.

1: Sell your car and walk or ride a bike to work and elsewhere.

2: Stop heating or cooling your home. Better yet, sell your house and find a nice cave to live in. Do you know how much energy it took to build your house in the first place and how much energy it takes to maintain your house?

3: Get rid of every plastic product you own and stop buying new products that are made of plastic.

4: Stop eating any food that fertilizer has been used to produce it.

5: Do not buy any food, commodity, or consumer product that has been trucked to the store you are buying it in.

If you global warming religious cult type did these 5 easy things to reduce your oil and oil by products consumption you would reduce the demand for oil which means that Alberta would sell less which means we would be force to produce less which will cut our emissions. You have to power to force Alberta to change.

Until all you global warming hypocrites in Ontario, California, and else where reduce your carbon footprint Alberta will be more then happy to supply you with all the oil you need. Since most of you smug environmental hypocrites are comfortable middle class people with a carbon foot print 20 times that of the average African I think Alberta will be producing a lot of oil from the tar pits for many more centuries to come.

Thank you to all you environmental hypocrites who keep buying Alberta oil products and keep our strong economy going.


bigcitylib said...


That point is well made. The advent of the "paperless society" is still not with us. The "book" has proved an extremely resilient bit of technology. Drop it on the floor and it still works; you can read while your taking a bath. Can't do either with a PC.

Jimbobby, what was I thinking? Anyway, that issue has been remedied.

JimBobby said...

"No worry kiddies, the good folks of Alberta will know exactly how to deal with these fuckwads."

In many respects, Alberta is ahead of the green curve. I understand that Calgary mass transit runs on hybrids or electric. The Green Party gets far better support in Alberta than in some other regions. Innovative venture capital is drivin' green initiatives. These good folks in Alberta are usin' their prosperity to do good things.


JimBobby said...

BCL, good work on the illustration. It looks like she's in church. Funny sorta Sunday-go-to-meetin' outfit, sez I.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting up that picture which objectifies women as sex objects. Great work! I really feel you're working for the equality of women here.

Anonymous said...

When will the rabid Greens attack the chopping down of trees to make newsprint, because trees absorb CO2 while newsprint is a gaseous waste that liberates GHGs.

Imagine, no more Liberal newpapers printing their Liberal propaganda .... Save the Trees ... Stop the presses .... no more Toronto Star ... no more G & M .... YES ...!!!!

Anonymous said...

Until all you global warming hypocrites in Ontario,"

Shut down your coal fired plants NOW you assholes.

Ontario . . . All talk, Al GhG spewing, polluting all the time but just like Al Gore, thinks it can tell Alberta what to do.

Absolute stupity,

Time to close down the pipelines going east and just sell to America.

Screw you hypocrites, its gonna be a cold winter and trying to stay warm will force you to keep your big gobholes shut.

The peace & quiet will be most welcome out west.

Anonymous said...

Gee, anonymous at 6:32pm. Pray tell, don't hold back now. Share with us how you really feel.

Canajun said...

JimBobby - lots of sources, here's one http://www.canada.com/edmontonjournal/news/story.html?id=7902b676-995b-423b-8d88-d0be6a41bb6c&k=54519&p=1. Just Google "Victoria's Secret number of catalogues" and you'll get a whole list.

Dante said...

For her, I'd eat my steak raw to save energy

Anonymous said...

More pictures with boobies, please.

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