Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lafta In Canada

Dr. Riyahd Lafta is an Iraqi researcher who had collaborated on the recent Lancet study that put the Iraqi death toll at about 655,000 since the U.S.-led invasion and occupation of Iraq. Earlier this year his attempt to visit the U.S.A. and present this research, as well as new material on rising childhood cancer rates in southern Iraq, was stymied by the U.S. state department. Furthermore, his attempts to visit Canada (Simon Fraser University) failed when the British government refused to offer him a transit visa through that country. Talk about attacking the messenger!

Luckily, however, an airline was found that flies direct from Jordan to Canada, and Dr. Lafta is now in Vancouver. Details of his story, and his Friday (Jul. 20th) web-cast can be found here.

h/t to Deltoid.


canuckistanian said...

thank gawd canada did not deny him entry...what a frfickin embarassment that would be. furthermore, it is hard not to conclude that the US and UK are shooting themselves in the foot here by giving the study even greater credibility (not that it lacked any) as they are clearly afraid of the results.

quite the pattern of censoring science: NASA/ghg, everything the FDA & EPA has been doing, the surgeon general etc et al.

where are you're friends: ding dong science is dead! (unfortunately murdered by political hacks and ideological nutbars)

Anonymous said...

another Lancet study . . wonder how bad this one will turn out to be

Ti-Guy said...

Better question....I wonder which inumerate morons on the Right will embarrass themselves this time by attacking a science with which they are entirely unfamiliar?

It was a treat to watch them disgrace themselves last time.

Will you be the first, anony-tard?