Friday, July 13, 2007

Guilty, Guilty, Four Times GUILTY!

According to CTV:

The jury at the fraud trial for Conrad Black has found the former media baron guilty on four of 13 counts in his fraud and racketeering trial, including the serious charge of obstruction of justice.

Break out the bubbly!

And you know, from where I'm sitting now I am looking South on the Southam Building, the home of the National Post and Barad-dûr of Mr Black's evil empire(before it all went for shit and was taken away from him).

And I have to admit I have never heard a building scream before! It is though its spirit has been torn from the very brick! The structure itself appears to have sagged, as in Death!

And there's a helicopter landed in the rear parking lot, taking Andrew Coyne back to Winnipeg! And there's a UFO hovering over the roof, taking Jonathon Kay back to wherever the fuck he comes from! And whose that wheeling a chairload of computers and office supplies out to his car? Hey, Kinsella, put that stuff back! You can't do that!

It's over! The Lord Of Blackness is going to the pokey, where he will either have to learn to fight, or marry the convict with the most cigarettes! Its over! A great shadow has been lifted from the land!


Anonymous said...

Good. Hope he gets beaten good in the showers.

Anonymous said...

There is a God.

This is far from over though since Black is sure to appeal.

Anonymous said...

huge appeal grounds . . . the lawyers will get even richer.

Dante said...

I personally think that the US is looking more Fascist every day. I know many people don't like Black but the people who really got screwed were the shareholders by the government.

If Black got burned on such flimsy evidence with all of his money, I shudder to think how many innocent people are in jail.

Anonymous said...

huh, weird, i didn't know fascist countries allowed defendents to be tried by an impartial jury of their peers. the people who really got screwed were the shareholders - you are right dante - they got screwed by conrad and his merry band of fraudsters.


Anonymous said...

Actually, thank God for Peter Fitzgerald and the United States of America.

Do you think Conrad would be prosecuted in Canada? If he got off for looting Dominion's pension fund, then it does not bode well for Canada's legal system. The Alan Eagleson debacle being another good example.

Alison said...

I'm sure Tubby is relieved the whole business is over with so he can go back to doing whatever it is he does.
What? You don't think he's going to spend even a single day in jail, do you?

Anonymous said...

Some talking heads siad he would probably spend more time writing. Be afraid.