Saturday, July 14, 2007

Did Lyndon LaRouche Choose Lib Leader?

So I'm Googling around trying to dig up more information on Lyndon LaRouche, and discover that the Canadian headquarters of his youth movement is situated in Montreal. Furthermore, his followers used last November's Liberal Leadership convention as an opportunity to:

...determine whether or not partakers of the Liberal Leadership Convention shall partake in pushing the American puppets through the impeachment processor.

Six MLYM members, with the help of three "contacts" (whatever that might mean) infiltrated the convention and engaged in a number of "interventions".

The LaRouchians spent most of their time trying to get to the perceived front runners, Michael Ignatieff ("an asset of the currently dominant financier-oligarchy") and Bob Rae (backed by Power Corps, which has connections to the "Synarchist faction in France"). Iggy seems to have been especially put upon:

...LYM organizer Valerie Trudel marched straight through the ring of bodyguards protecting Ignatieff, grabbed his hand, drew his face close to her own, looked him squarely in the eyes, and demanded, "Do you think a broken nation can survive the financial collapse?"

Ignatieff, who had been all smiles, recoiled in shock. Trudel repeated, but this time with a powerful bel canto projection, "Do you think a broken nation can survive the financial collapse?" Ignatieff looked stunned, as did a great number of the sycophants who were ranged about him. At this point, the bodyguards converged on Trudel, grabbing her scarf and goonishly dragging her away from the still speechless candidate while she began calling out repeatedly, "The U.S. economy is collapsing!"

And later:

...the favored candidate, Ignatieff, became a distributor of the [MLYM] pamphlets when an unguarded table of self-promotion folders had inserted into them about twenty pamphlets.

However, it looks like these guys got through to most of the candidates at one point or another:

Candidate St├ęphane Dion was also given a leaflet by Luc and told that his green agenda would not work. Dion said he would read the leaflet and that he would speak more with us in the future.

And it sounds like Bill Graham might have run a bit of interference:

Bill Graham, the interim leader of the party, was briefed several times by LYM members, receiving both the leaflet and Lyndon LaRouche's latest webcast pamphlet.

The young Larouchians claim to have distributed around 700 pamphlets by midweek. But the big wind-up was on the convention's final day:

On the final day of the convention, we brought our chorus into a crowded hallway through which all the attendees had to pass. For at least half an hour, and just after Dion had pulled slightly ahead of Ignatieff on the penultimate ballot, we sang several canons we had prepared such as the following, to the tune of "I should be envious?" by Haydn: "Goodbye, Mike Ignatieff: You're a nut, Your policies suck, You financier slut! Your lips are glued to Cheney's ass! Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, you puppet of the right! Goodbye!"

So does anyone who was there recall these guys?

PS. the "secret document" (linked to at the word "Later:") comes from the website of the Jewish Defense Organization. I can't totally vouch for it; nevertheless, it does look like something from within the LaRouche movement in that the antics described are quite similar to the first, "official" document, and the names mentioned match up with the names of Montreal chapter members.

PPS. The bel canto noted above refers to the voice technique ("beautiful singing"), which LaRouche thinks is the only rational method of singing. It is just possible, therefore, that his activists might have sang their complaints to the Liberal candidates.


Oxford County Liberals said...

I can't speak to their other claims, but as someone who was there live-blogging the event, I can certainly vouch they were there trying to hand out pamphlets to delegates (and even bloggers).

C4SR said...

I didn't see them inside the building, but they were certainly outside handing out pamphlets between the conference centre and the Complexe Guy Favreau.

Anonymous said...

I remember them. It always amazes me how this group manages to keep going all these years, and over such a geographical extent. The nicest thing I can say about them is that at least they identify themselves, more or less.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I stopped myself and changed my identity to anonymous at the last second...never know with these guys.

Anonymous said...


So have we been infiltrated? Don't know.

burlivespipe said...

Hmm, I never ran afoul or across the shadows of these people. But I did encounter a burlish young Goldwaterite who when eyes not darting from food tray to convention floor, and who was trying to pawn a 'Bob the Red' button off on me, looked very much like a bloated James Moore...