Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Peak Oil, Green Energy

Simmons and Company International call themselves "Investment Bankers to the EnergyIndustry". Just in time for dooms-dayish stories like "World will face oil crunch ‘in five years’", they have launched a nifty slide show entitled "Autopsy of an Energy Crisis" in which they predict that an era of gas rationing will force North Americans into a Green future powered by such alternative energy sources as offshore wind and aquatic bio-fuels (that means diesel from Algae, I think).

Interesting, then, that for different quite reasons, the environmental movement and the energy industry are converging on a single goal: a post-petroleum society.

h/t to Denis for pointing me to the slide-show.


Anonymous said...

the only reason the energy industry has the remotest interest in all the Doom & Goredom is because they are lobbying Congress to be granted huge blocks of GhG Credits that they can sell.

Get something form the Government for free and then sell it - 100% profit.

Otherwise, the energy industry couldn't care less about global warming, cooling, changing, sky-is-falling.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm fully armed for the coming energy apocalypse. First places I'll go for gas are those homes with a "Gun-Free Zone" sticker! HA!

'Mad Max' here I come!

Ti-Guy said...

Yes, we all know you're two minutes from mass-murder.