Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Flanders Gets Uppity

The guy at SoCon Or Bust has some harsh words for me because I won't participate in his online petition (which looks like it might be up here tonight) in support of Free D. I wrote:

Flanders is planning an on-line petition, and though I don't sign such things,my good buddy Galactus, Eater of Worlds, will probably show up and put his name to it. When details become available, I will let everyone know. I'm sure "Heywood J. Blome" will want to show his support for Free Speech, Liberty, and etc.

Flanders read this and lashed out as follows:

How so predictably liberal. Let someone else fight (and pay for) something you enjoy. Isn't that always the case with a socialist? It's always someone else's problem, and if a problem is to be addressed, let the government (i.e. somebody else) take on the problem. Rarely do you see a liberal taking on any sort of individual sacrifice or personal responsibility.

Dude, I would not sign your free Free Dominion on-line petition for the same reason I wouldn't sign an on-line petition for any cause, whether I support it or not, and for the same reason I wouldn't Freep a poll for a cause I support. Because online polls and petitions are cheap gimmicks and the results they give are totally meaningless. Pouring your soul into one these things is, frankly, childish, and a sign that you have too much time on your hands. What did your pro-abortion "victory" on facebook buy you? Doodley Squat! Abortion is still legal and CBC still a bastion of Communism!

So, since I don't want to appear childish online, I usually use one of my sock puppets when I want to participate in one of these games. In this case, Galactus, Eater of Worlds, will be happy to sign your petition the very minute it appears. And if you've got Galactus on your side, you don't need me.

Back Off, Flanders!


Reality Bites said...

The guy at socon or bust is anti-gay nutjob John Pacheco, the guy who not only didn't win a Conservative nomination, he wasn't even allowed to run for it, after his own Whatcott-esque history of sickening anti-gay pamphleting.

He's another close friend and ally of Connie Wilkins.

Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty said of him when he ran against him for the extremist "Family" Coalition Party, "For the Family Coalition party to say it stands for inclusiveness is like Colonel Sanders saying he's going to look after the chickens."

Certainly Pacheco has indeed devoted his life to trying to destroy the lives and families of the complete strangers who he nevertheless hates.

Slightly saner, slightly more intelligent than Whatcott, but ultimately another twisted lost soul who's devoted his life to hate.

Ti-Guy said...

Calling him "Flanders" is almost an insult to Ned Flanders.

Let someone else fight (and pay for) something you enjoy. Isn't that always the case with a socialist?

Stupid Flanders.

Anonymous said...

Socialist rulebook #1: Don't do anything yourself, but whine and bitch about why somebody else doesn't do it.

SR #2: When it gets done, take credit for it.

SR #3: Complain bitterly that it was done wrong, and not how you would have done it.

SR #4: If it turns out to be a huge cockup (which it will if a Liberal gets his hands on it) distance yourself immediately. Deny any knowledge of the subject.

SR #5: Bitch and whine for a Royal Commission into why it was such a cockup.

SR #6: Forget about the old topic, and move onto something else. Maybe you'll get lucky this time. Who cares that nothing was solved, you can always revisit the same thing in 10 or 50 or 100 years. That's how Canadian politics works.

Anonymous said...

So it's just luck that makes Canada one of the most enviable countries in all the world?

I would have thought it would be a coalition of the wisdom of Canadians across the cultural and political spectrum.

But I guess I was wrong and need to choose a "side" now.

I think not. Flanders is sick.

Jay said...

You obviously have nothing but hatred for your country so why not just leave?

This country is going to remain the same. Harper can't change it, he has no support for that.

Your deriding of liberals makes no sense. People well not run out and join the conservatives, people are much smarter than that. If they go anywhere it will be the NDP and thats when you will get your socialist nightmare. So all your whining could possibly make a worst situation judging by your standards.

Do you even think? Or do you just mouth off on liberals because you've been told to? Do you even know what liberalism is? Are you surprised to learn that your conservative party is actually neo-liberal? Or is that to much info for you right now? Or are you just a complete brain dead loser?

You are stuck in this country. Like it or leave it.

You sound like a terrorist to me.


Ti-Guy said...

Shorter anonymous at 10:50: *fart*...*FAAAAAAART*....*poot*...

...and it was pretty "fudgy* too. Anon...change your underwear.

JJ said...

"Back Off, Flanders!" BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
You owe me a keyboard cleaning.

Anonymous said...

Are the conservatives really trying to defend free-speech or their own turf?