Thursday, July 12, 2007

Janke On African Aid: Send Them Urologists!

It's the silly season in the political blogosphere, I guess, but at least I'm not the only one fishing around for material. In this truly bizarre column, Janke gets behind CJU (Canadian Journal of Urology) efforts to send a representative to a big prostrate cancer wing-ding in Cape Town, South Africa. I suppose the point is that Canada's delegate will spend Canadian taxpayer's money on his Cape Town Hotel, on eating food at the local restaurants, maybe on getting laid in a Capetown brothel, and this infusion of funds will help pump up the local economy. Better than the alternative, which apparently is to funnel the dough through some rock-star jerk like Bono.

The real question to me is: why does Janke know so much about Urology? Is he perhaps a Urologist? Has he had unnatural dealings with Urologists? Or is he strangely obsessed with Urology? Should I employ my own investigative skills and start trolling those "Golden Shower" websites people tell me about, asking after an angry beaver, and after six months of intensive research file an exclusive with National News Watch: "Steve Janke: Is It His Cup Of Pee?"

Stay tuned!

Update: RT has also been chronicling the result of Janke's staring into the Existential abyss of summertime blogging-about-nothing.


Red Tory said...

It gives the "compassionate conservatives" an opportunity to bash NGOs and aid organizations I guess.

Steve Janke said...

Actually, it is likely that a 20-year-old member of my wife's family won't survive his cancer affecting his kidneys and bladder. He was just diagnosed a couple of months ago. I've been doing the Mr Mom thing with my four kids while my wife is with her family during this time. But thanks for noticing. Anything you can do to bring attention to this sort of thing would be appreciated. Plenty of people give of course, but I found this interesting tie-in to an aspect of Africa we don't give enough notice to, and that is how it is a player in research in disease and how to treat disease efficiently, given the challenges that continent faces with resources and support.

Steve Janke said...

Oh, and sorry about the blogging subjects. Hard to stay focused during a time like this (but also I like to mix things up a bit every once in while).

bigcitylib said...


You're to be commended for your good work in this area. Is there a particular Urologist you want to send to Africa, or will any one do?

Anonymous said...

"to a big prostrate cancer "

hey stupid . . . its Prostate, not prostrate.

When you are prostrate, you don't need treatment anymore.