Sunday, July 08, 2007

BrokeBack Caucus

Stampede week is almost upon us, so its time to decide which Canadian politician looks gayest in a cowboy hat.

Liberal MP Scott Brison, who is openly gay. The Gold Standard: use this photo for comparison purposes.

Pierre Trudeau, Prime Minister and The Greatest Canadian. Not gay, but incredibly sexxxy. In fact, probably as sexxxy as you can get and not be gay. An elegant cowboy. If he had been there when the West was won, not only would it have been won a lot faster, Calgary would have two-way streets and an opera house rather than one-way streets and a beer garden.

Jean Chretien, Great Canadian and Canadian PM. Not gay, butt ugly. I don't remember Chretien being this ugly. Looks like he might knife you behind the chuck-wagon over eight bucks in poker chips and a half bag of pork rinds. But if that's what it takes to save the nation from Mulroney Conservatives and Western Seperatists, so be it.

Paul Martin. Liberal Prime-Minister for about 12 seconds. Not gay. Not not gay. Confused looking is the word that comes to mind.

Joe Clark, Conservative Prime Minister for about nine seconds. Not gay. And his daughter (blonde in middle) is built like a brick shit-house.

Tory MP Stockwell Day. Secretly gay, filled with self-loathing. His wife might be gay too. But I'm just guessing with that one.

Alberta Premier Ralph Klein. Conservative, not gay, and about half-concious. In another five beers he'll stagger off and beat up a few homeless gays.

Stephen Harper, our current Prime Minister. Pink shirt? Hmm! The signs are all there, but most gay men I know are in much better shape.

Help me, mommie! I'm afraid of this gay man!


Anonymous said...

Pink shirt - was because of the "fight cancer" theme this year, but I notice his wife and daughter nearly always wear puky pink. Pink was the colour to wear for the opening - so it really isn't about if Harper is gay or not.

Sorry, but why the gay think in your blog today? Necessary?

The JF said...

Trudeau, Greatest Canadian? Well, we all know that the CBC-recognized official Greatest Canadian is Tommy Douglas.

Anonymous said...

a city of idiots, run by morons . .

Toronto Considers Spending $10,000 to Evaluate New Sidewalk Tax Proposal
If you were hopeful that Toronto was finished with its efforts to impose new taxes, you were wrong. Today at the public works committee Councilor Vaughan will propose a new sidewalk tax in the entertainment district. He wants council to approve spending $10,000 in consultations about a new sidewalk tax.

He wants to tax bars and clubs that have line ups to get in. He argues it is an effort to calm foot traffic in the area.

To me this is just one more tax grab in Toronto on top of the new Miller car tax, the new Miller home buying tax, and the new Miller garbage tax.

bigcitylib said...

Anon 10:55,

No not necessary. But a slow newsday and I've always want to do a "BrokeBack" themed post. The Globe also had a whole whack of pictures of prominent politicians wearing cowboy hats so, hey presto!

Kevrichard said...

I'd say the Joe Clark and Jean Chretien pics have to be the best ones, they're hilarious.

Ti-Guy said...

Funny post...too bad the anony-tards 'tarded it up with their 'tarditude.

Anonymous said...

You've gone over the line on this one. There's no excuse for this crap.

Jay said...

I found this post quite funny and I'm as queer as a three dollar bill.

Dante said...

You should of put up a picture of Deb Grey for gender equality.

Anonymous said...

You need the Ghost of Reform Past: Myron Thompson.

Also the Ghost of Liberal Past: Eugene Whelan.