Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Strip Conrad Black! Strip Him!

No, I am not echoing the thoughts of Conrad's future cell-mates. I am talking about NDP Heritage critic Charlie Angus' suggestion that Conrad Black be stripped of his Order of Canada, with which I agree 100 per cent. The two other Canadians stripped of their medal were:

Former hockey czar Alan Eagleson lost his in 1998, shortly after he was jailed on fraud charges connected to his leadership at the National Hockey League Players Association. He had worn the insignia on his lapel during court appearances in the United States and Canada.

Aboriginal leader David Ahenakew, once the chief of the Assembly of First Nations, had his appointment terminated in 2005 after he was found guilty of wilfully promoting hatred by a Saskatoon court. He had referred to Jews as a “disease.”

Certainly Conrad's crimes are as serious as Eagleson's, maybe more serious than Ahenakew's, who only spoke evil, and at least that pair didn't abandon the country to become English Lords.

And, really, the target here is not Mr. Black qua Mr. Black. It is the Canadian Conservative Establishment. The message is: you worshipped a crook. Therefore it is right that your God should be systematically defiled.

PS. The procedure for terminating an appointment to the Order of Canada can be found here.
It can be initiated by "any person in writing to the Deputy Secretary".


northwestern_lad said...

Black should have lost the Order of Canada when he disrespected Canada by trading in his Canadian citizenship for a British Lordship. I would think that people would be lining up to be the one to ask for Black's Order of Canada to be stripped.

Burton, Formerly Kingston said...

I will gladly second your motion when all due legal processes are completed, not a second before, this again is another example of the NDP speaking without thinking.

Dante said...

I think the NDP should be focused on more important things.

The order of Canada is an elitist joke anyway.

Anonymous said...

There's an online petition to strip Black of his Order of Canada here:

Anonymous said...

How about you wait out his appeal? Are you suggesting a quick knee-jerk reaction without thinking of how stupid you would look if he gets aquitted?

bigcitylib said...

The paper work takes awhile. Might as well get started now.

Anonymous said...

The NDP remind me of "bring the apple to the teacher" and snoop and snitch - time they grew up. I see how much work they put in in BC to try to find bad expenses of the Liberals - they should try to do some "real" work.

Isn't it a little early to cry about the Order of Canada? He hasn't even had his appeal yet.

What a bunch of losers the NDP are - they think they're police of something?

canuckistanian said...

couldn't agree more! this country's highest honour has no place for crooks and degenerates.

Anonymous said...

What about Lord Tubby's Privy Council membership?

Do you remember Mulroney's appointment of 18 private citizens to the PC in 1992? Tubby was one of them along with Maurice Richard (!?), John Polyani, Maurice Strong (!?), Paul Desmarais, Richard Cashin et al. (maybe I shouldn't be so surprised about Strong given the Power Corp. connection between Mulroney & Strong).

Anyway, while we're at it shouldn't someone also take the initiative to have his PC membership revoked?