Saturday, July 21, 2007

Weekend Blogging: Random Observations

On Friday, I watched an International HotDog Eating competition on The Sports Network. Disgusting. When it was over, the winner (Chipmunk Joey, I think he called himself) waved an American flag to celebrate his first victory over a Japanese challenger. It's the End Times, brothers and sisters. May God send that comet crashing down NOW, so FIRE can make it all good again!

Also, I've noticed they've been showing alot of professional Paintball on the sports channels. Who knew that watching people shoot one another could provide so little entertainment?

Finally, my neighbor Tom has taken a fancy to BlueGrass music lately. He invited me over to listen to a couple of sides the other night, and while we were doing this his phone kept ringing. He would look at the name on the LED, lift up the receiver, and then let it drop. He said: "You know, I used to have hobbies. Then they invented call display and I had to stop."


Ti-Guy said...

Funny you should bring up that anecdote on call display. I've refused, since forever, to get it, for precisely that reason. I think the absurdity of the feature struck me the instant the phone company offered (for a fee) the feature which could block your own number from being displayed. All that effort and technology and money to basically come back to the situation you were at before.

CC said...

You forgot about ESPN covering spelling bees and poker tournaments.