Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Few Average Men...

Mr. Clement has already dismissed the controversy as one that only occupiessome of the elites in our country.” His party appears ready to continue this theme in committee, with a string of appearances from average Canadians.

Actually, if you look at the latest polling data on the census--it tells you what a wonderful country this is: 50% of Canadians are in the elite!


CanadianSense said...

Actually we have many examples of wonky Polls after a few weeks of pack journalism and fake outrage.

Remember the H1N1 polls after the Liberal media were freaking out, followed up with the apology from the Liberals for the 10% regarding bodybags?

The 28 sitting day delay of parliament and the usual suspects brought out free perogies 400 articles slow newscycle, 100k FaceBookers etc.

Heck even the CPC polled 46% in December 2008 at the height of the 3 stooges power grab.

Gene Rayburn said...

yeah yeah yeah CS. Thanks for the public wank. Stay on topic.