Friday, August 13, 2010

Who Paid For It?

This poll, that puts Toronto Mayoral candidate Rob Ford way ahead of the competition? Pollstra, the company that did the work, operates out of the second floor of a Hamilton strip plaza that also houses a UPS store and a no frills; they're pretty obscure in other words, although past clients include Gerard Kennedy and Frank Valeriote (actually, these were clients of their "sister company", Prime Contact, which shares a phone number and office).

Some speculation Smitherman might have commissioned it, to scare a few center/leftish votes his way. He sure won't win 'em with charm. Even his friends don't like him.

Quicky Update: More on Prime Contact here: essentially, it's a company that sells campaign services.

And another: Whoopsie! Global story now says Hamilton address is just for a post office box.

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