Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Veiled Flyers = Veiled Voters Redux!

Kady's live-blogging the Public Safety Committee meetings on that bogus QMI story re gangs of veiled Muslim women attempting to board our decent, Christian Canadian Aeroplanes:

Oh, goodness. It seems that Volpe is here to do more than just fill us in on what *his* committee has been doing -- his staffer just handed out copies of the current federal identity screening regulations -- SOR/2007-82 -- which are available on the Justice website, and which appear to show that there *is* no requirement that the gate security match the face to the photo identification, but the name on the boarding pass to the name on the id -- one government-issued photo id, or two government-issued ids that include name, date of birth and gender. Yeah, this is veiled voting all over again. Someone alert Chris Selley so he can mentally prepare himself for the semantic distortions that lie ahead.

...which kind of makes you wonder about all the anonymous airport staffers that told Brian Lilley's they were forced to ignore regs out of political correctness, especially since the reg they were told to ignore appears to be imaginary.

Here's the real reg here.

PS. And any attempt to change the reg will run up against the problem of non-Muslim men/women who turn up at an airport with no photo ID.


KC said...

Admittedly I don't get to fly that often but I recall being asked for photo ID each time for as long as I remember. Putting niqabs and burqas aside for a moment, have they been requiring something of us that wasn't required in the first place? Whatever the law is should be applied consistently. Either we should all be required to produce photo ID or none should.

bigcitylib said...

They may be asking you to produce something that isn't federally mandated. It may make sense for them to do that, whether not its a law.