Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jack Layton Doesn't Want The Responsibility

...for letting the gun registry die, even though it will live or die based on his decision.

This is a watershed moment for the NDP. At the federal level, they've played the also rans for as long as I've been alive. And in some ways, its been a plus for them. They could say anything and take any stand knowing that it the end it meant nothing, because the final call was always in the hands of the big-boys. All that was left for them was to rake up the fruit of discontent--a seat here, a seat there.

Now they are getting a taste of what being a potential governing party is all about. You have to make choices; you have to take stands. And you have to accept the consequences.

If Jack lets the gun-registry die in the night while talking it up before the cameras, this will tell you something about him and the party he purports to lead. Specifically, that neither is ready to govern.


RuralSandi said...

Like I said the other day, does Layton have what it takes?


He buckles when the onus is on him. He's all mouth, no action.

Does he consider his MP's that are not rural? They may lose those votes. How many MP's other than himself and his wife are not rural MP's?

All this for a seat or two?


Not a leader.

Anonymous said...

This is not an issue Layton can run from. History will either remember him as the man who saved the registry or the man who killed it, his choice.
I have never viewed Layton as a man of principle, here is his chance to prove me wrong and facilitate my return to the NDP fold.The NDP needs to return to it's social democratic roots and to stop trying to be Liberal lites.

They once were the conscience of Parliament, punching well above their weight in terms of their influence over policy, and Canada has benefited greatly as result. We need them in that role now more than ever.

CK said...

Mad Loon, you're right. The NDP has ceased being the party of Tommy Douglas and Ed Broadbent ages ago. Jack the Giant Killer attitude has worn thin on me a long time ago. I have been distrusting them more and more since they brought down Paul Martin Liberals in 2004. I wasn't particularly wild about Martin, but he was the far lesser evil than Steve.

Sometimes I think Jack Layton says and does things for the soul purpose of being contrary to LIberals. To me,

that rings similar to way back when, when Jean Charest was in minority situation and Mario Dumont was opposing that first minority budget simply because "it was his job to do so" without even examining it or talking to his MNAs. Dumont was a young, hot-headed rookie. What's Jack's excuse?

When one looks back in history, much of Trudeau's electoral success depended on much compromise and cooperation with Ed Broadbent's NDP. Today, Iggy and Jack would need this sort of cooperation to bring down Steve. Short of a miracle, I don't see it happening.