Sunday, August 29, 2010

Police Shooting On Victoria Park Bus (24)

So, you will read about this tomorrow.

1) Incident on Victoria Park Bus 24 going South. Fellow pulls knife on bus.

2) Apparently, bus driver calls police. Looks like the bus has been cleared of other passengers by the time they show (or at least by the time the shooting starts).

3) I am just coming out of Value Village at Vic Park and Eglinton, have purchased 0 books, and hear a pattern of three, silence, and then one, shots (as they turn out to be--or it might have been two shots and then two more, as one of the folks at the scene suggested).

4) I am jogging that way anyway, and when I arrive, about three more police cars have joined the four or five that already surrounded the pulled-over bus. More keep coming; I think nearly a dozen are involved by the time I've passed the area going North. As I noted earlier, it doesn;t look like anyone is left on the bus.

5) Several people there tell me the white (?) guy carrying the knife got off the bus, did NOT heed police calls to drop his weapon, and was shot. He's laying on the other side of the bus, apparently, though I didn't see him.

6) Police tape is right now going up around the scene, and vic Park has a police presence almost up to Lawrence.

All this happened at just around 3:00 PM.

Update: First MSM story here.

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