Sunday, August 15, 2010

Your Daily Nazi: Shame On CTV

There are many points you can argue over Canada's response to the Tamil migrants. But you really shouldn't, as CTV did, put Paul Fromm on national television (see vid through link) and let him spout off like he's a normal person. He isn't; here is what he is. And, more specifically, here's a nice little story from just a few days ago about Paul's protesting the arrival of the Sun Sea, with the freakin' Aryan Guard, in front of Jason Kenney's office, no less.

CTV has really screwed up on this one: at least some background on the man behind "Canada First" should have been provided; it isn't like he's an unknown quantity.


Eugene Forsey Liberal said...

I cannot compliment your catch enough.

Anonymous said...

I watched that and thought the guy sounded pretty crazy by turns. Thanks for the back story.

Luna said...

I am definitely writing a letter. I doubt it'll do a damn thing but make me feel better. Disgusting.