Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Jaworskis, By-Law Officers, And Asshole Neighbors

So: I've swapped a couple of emails with Peter Jaworsksi, which I'll summarize here. Firstly it looks like my previous post contained an error. The services offered by the Jaworski's B&B have changed since they bought the rights to Willow Pond Bed and Breakfast in March of this year, and redubbed their old B&B, Hillside Estates , with the new name. Specifically, the kinds of corporate meeting events that might lead someone to think they were using the place as a "commercial conference center" have not taken place on the new property (at least until the LLS meet-up). The Jaworski's did advertise wedding events at the facility--and indeed did offer weddings at Hillside Estates--but stopped the adverts when informed in May that they were breaking by-laws by so doing. However, while the physical location of Willow Pond and the services it provided changed, its old website remained the same. Hence my confusion.

However, it does appear from Peter's emails that there have been several anonymous complaints levelled against the B&B in the last couple of months over wedding tents allegedly being up on the grounds, and these bogus complaints (there were no such tents) seem to have been what drove the municipal by-law officer to the property again and again. Since (I believe) by-law officers must respond to such complaints, I am more inclined to blame asshole neighbors for the Jaworski's troubles rather than over-zealous municipal officials, especially since the Js might have been out of compliance for a time under the old B&B name, which would give the officer a reason to be suspicious.


Robert McClelland said...

So this has nothing to do with the evil government persecuting a hardworking citizen but is most likely just a dispute between neighbours that likely don't get along. I figured from the start Peter Jaworski was a dishonest cunt. This confirms it.

Gerrard787 said...

How are we to know the complaints were bogus and there were no tents?

We are simply getting a one-sided, over-the-top version of the story (and folks are being asked to donate money to boot . . . for a bylaw infraction!!).

Lastly, it remains to be seen who is actually the asshole neighbour in this story.

Robert McClelland said...

The bylaw infraction isn't the story, Paul. Peter Jaworski just has a libertoonian itch he wants to scratch and is exploiting the situation to do it.