Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mark His Words

Inky Mark signs off. On the role of the PM:

He believes another problem with the parliamentary system is that too much power lies in the hands of one individual who determines the fate of the country.

On his style of politics:

Mark has long been known as an independent thinker who wouldn't hesitate to vote against his own party if he felt it was in his riding's best interest. Most notably, he objected to the Harper government's plan to eliminate the Canadian Wheat Board monopoly. He spoke out against the move and voted against a private members' bill on the subject in 2006.

Mark said Monday he never believed he had to support his leader on everything. "My style of doing politics is putting the people first," he said.

He also thinks the only reason he was not disciplined is because of his popularity in the riding and the unlikely chance the Conservatives would have won the riding if he was running against them as an independent.

"If they didn't need this seat I would have gotten the boot from the party a long time ago," he said.

The government caucus' man to sheep ratio has markedly decreased with Marky's resignation


double nickel said...

Inky plans to run for Mayor of Dauphin this fall, a positon he held in the past. I predict a landslide win.

Tof KW said...

I like Inky ...he's one of the guys who bolted from the Reformatories under Day's leadership and sat as an independent conservative. He later came over to the proper side and joined the PCs. Unlike Harper's sheep, he's always had that streak of independence. He's also not an obstructionist on parliamentary committees unlike many of his cohorts - he actually believes that part about serving your constituents versus serving your party. It is sad, we need more MPs like Mark; not less.