Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tony Clement Denies

Perhaps he mis-spoke. Perhaps he spoke too true. In any case, the minister is walking back his statement, made yesterday morning on The Hour, that Canada has a voluntary short form in its future.


Anonymous said...

Tony "say anything" Clement.

MgS said...

Right now, anything coming out of the Harperettes is all about votes. Period.

They've already demonstrated that they are pathological about covering up what they really want to do, and are perfectly willing to lie about all of it.

Remove the census entirely and then it becomes easy for them to ignore reality altogether - as they are doing already with their "get tough on crime" program which will end up putting more people in jail for longer - putting Canada into the same straights that California is in - facing bankruptcy in part because of the enormous costs incurred. All at a time when the overall crime rate is in fact on the decline.

RuralSandi said...

I hope Clement owns a lot of shoes and doesn't wear sandals because the more he talks the more he steps in it.

Dave said...

Le'see... Clement lied before and now we're supposed to believe him.

I think not.

Niles said...

That's basically it. Are we supposed to believe them now, or the last time they opened their lying mouths. Because we can't believe both.

Ok, maybe the diehard authoritarian followers can, but I can't.

Harper's lied significantly and often in public and then said 'what of it? What I really meant is y, not x, and you should have been psionic enough to know it'.

Real life ratios being what they are, how often does he lie to people that trust him in private?