Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Good Point

Mickflyuk is the guy behind the youtube video allegedly showing a gang of veiled Muslim women crashing Air Canada security in Montreal. Generally speaking, the guy has issues with Muslims, but on the other hand, if this kind of thing is a real problem, and his video is absolutely the only evidence that it might be, then his lament has some currency:

John Baird, you said, on TV that you will get to the facts, so why has no-one contacted me from your office?

That's from four days ago.

Is this another one of those issues where determining what the facts are is unimportant to the government?

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Tof KW said...

I'll turn to the words of our generation's greatest philosopher:

"Facts, hmmmmp! Facts can be used to prove anything that's even remotely true." - Homer Simpson

Homer would do well in Harper's cabinet. He'd certainly improve the overall brain-trust there.