Sunday, August 08, 2010

Go Read Steve V

...because I'm too lazy to do much writing today:

Harper's chief advantage is evaporating before our eyes. The Conservatives are voluntarily eroding their own fiscal image, while simultaneously providing the Liberals with a free pass, to check off a few big ticket items of their own. Then the question becomes, just what expenditures are most important to Canadians. Planes and prisons, hardly a compelling "kitchen table" consideration, allowing for an interesting contrast. Neutered on the "big spending" front, obscure and distant on the allocation front, I'd say thanks for the massive opening if I'm a Liberal strategist

Arguably, we need some new planes, but yeah I can see how 10 Billion for invisible criminals could easily be repurposed to a more useful end.


CanadianSense said...

Liberals talk about big ticket items but their record is slaying the deficit hurt the most vulnerable in the 1990s.

You can talk about National Daycare, multilateralism and being ashamed of Canada but the world does not share the Liberal revisionist history.

The Federal Government is making the investment and at least 30 Liberals are not showing up to oppose the Conservative Agenda.

"We're not in the same league as the Americans, the Japanese or some of the big European countries, but our overall official development assistance has gone up," he said. "There were major cutbacks in the 1990s and we were seen as being less than generous for a country our size, but I think it's fair to say in the last 10 years under a succession of both Liberal and Conservative governments we've increased our development assistance programming — and quite substantially."

Gene Rayburn said...

meanwhile on the planet the rest of us live on....

Terence said...

CS never ever takes the repsonse dead on. What a sorry Tory.

The dancer with stats that skew the truth like his masters do.

RuralSandi said...

CS - spewing again as if anyone was interested in any of the cut and paste and Tory talking points he/she puts forward.

...sigh. What a gullible fool

Tof KW said...

Hello folks, I'm a Tory ...a red one yes but I consider myself a disciple of the party of Disraeli, Lord Churchill, Sir John A, et al.

CanadianNumbskull is a moron, plain and simple. Dimwits like her are a big reason I distance myself from the Reformatards.

CanadianSense said...


I post on topic about the myth of Neo-Liberal compassion in the 1990's and their priorities during with link to refute current liberals have valid talking points.

Liberals have spent the last four years refusing to show up in parliament and offer any constructive policy around big ticket items in this minority government since 2006.

They repeatedly talk about offering an alternative without seeking a mandate at the ballot.

Four posters follow up with ad hominem personal attacks, completely ignoring the factual evidence that Martin restored the deep cuts to win re-election and the CPC have continued with those SPENDING priorities on the programs through the United Nations.

Kevin Page states the biggest growth is the transfer payments in Education, Health and Social Services.

The lack of tolerance and hate filled posts from the alleged progressive-left is front and centre for display.

BCL, thanks again for not censoring on topic posts.

Tof KW said...

CS... and what do you think Preston Manning & the Reform Party would have done to balance Canada's books and return us to surpluses?

Enjoy your public healthcare.

BTW - stop trying to sound like you're from the NDP or something ..."their record is slaying the deficit hurt the most vulnerable in the 1990s"... oh boo hoo, ya the Reformatards are all about protecting the most vulnerable in our society.