Thursday, October 28, 2010

Arnie Lemaire Begs

Better known as Shaidle's Husband, Arnie is gradually discovering that defamation doesn't come cheap. The suit is for $500,000, not the $100,000 you can claim under simplified procedures (Or is it $50,000? I thought they had raised the limit but can't find the link). He must have really pissed Warman off.


Dr.Dawg said...

It's $100,000, as the Fourniers are about to find out once again when I file my own Statement of Claim shortly.

Good to hear all that frantic mewing from the Burning Pussy. Maybe these ginks will stop defaming people after a few such, er, SLAPPs* upside the head? :)

Needless to say, the same crowd frantically mewling now was cheering when Ezra went after me. The Free Dominatrix was beside herself with pleasure, ditto Mrs. Lemaire.So allow me my own moment of unseemly Schadenfreude.

*Not that I consider Richard's reactions to continual defamation and vilification to be SLAPPs. The word "self-defence" comes to mind.

Gerrard787 said...

Does the suit have merit? Or is it but a lawyer's trick to chill criticism?

bigcitylib said...

The National Post and one of the FreeD anonies have already caved, Paul.

Anonymous said...

Defamation of character isn't "criticism". It is illegal, and it is thus legally actionable. As the nutters now are finding out the hard way, you really don't get to yell fire in a crowded theatre, unless the joint IS on fire.

Warren K said...

I wonder if he is declaring the money he raises as income with Revenue Canada?

Afarin Maleki-Raei said...

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Anonymous said...

They spend much money for that suit? How stupid are they.

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