Sunday, October 24, 2010

Interesting Timing On This

An anti-Rob Ford sign was found along Allen Rd., while others reading “Muslims should not vote for a man who is married to a man” popped up along Danforth Ave. near Victoria Park.

...especially given those Tamil radio ads. Still no idea who's behind those, although this guy ( A Ford supporter) says a "church group" has been shown to be behind the ad. haven't heard anything about that.

All this reminds me of 1996, when Lastman supporters were telling people that Barb Hall was going to bring the Gay Pride parade to North York. One reason I stay out of muni. level politics, where being an activist means getting drunk and kicking over lawn signs.

PS. One of the church groups thought to be behind the anti-gay pro-Rob Ford ads says it ain't them.


Robert McClelland said...

It's interesting that conservatives are exploiting the very anti-Canadian values they claim Muslims, Tamils and other foreigners don't have in order to garner their vote.

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