Friday, October 29, 2010

Contra David Chen

Actually, I'm fairly satisfied with the David Chen innocent verdict. However, a Mr. Scanner made a cautionary point which is worth repeating on the comment thread of an early post re Mr. Chen (I've cleaned up his grammar a little):

The Chen case is interesting only because it juxtaposes so nicely with another, similar case in Winnipeg

The shoplifter was beaten and died days after, apparently of her injuries. [BCL Note: And the shopowner was charged]

I bring this up in support of the law. I believe Mr. Chen was wrong in his actions and it is very dangerous to challenge this law. Store security people are very aware of this law and work within its confines. By changing this law as some would do, a greater ill would be released. Rather than increasing punishment on these people (and most shoplifters have problems surviving for whatever reason) we should look to help them. You only have to take a look at the statistics of who shoplifts to realize you're dealing with drug addicts, (Mr. Chen's perp) the poor and old people. I can only imagine the stupidities that will start to be reported if Mr. Chen is allowed to go entirely unpunished.


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