Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So Salvia Is No Longer

...legal in Canada.

But you walk down Spadina in summertime and can see this stuff everywhere, and you can buy it at most garden stores, where nobody seems to know that its hallucinogenic. A pet peeve of mine; its a bit like letting bad acid grow in the streets.

For example,


Anonymous said...
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bigcitylib said...

Stay on topic, Fred. in any case, McI's argument shows he doesn't know much about the employment of the scholarly apparatus. If Bradley sees that, a lawsuit might be justified.

Southern Quebec said...

You can easily buy Castor Beans anywhere and as any terrorist knows, that's where we get Ricin.


Meanwhile our idiot Health Minister is whining to companies not to put cadmium in children's jewelry!

Kim said...

And that Euphorbia contains a latex milk that burns the skin and can blind you if you get it in your eyes. A common and treasured perennial.

Anyone who gardens should know what they are planting. Most of these poisonous plants are valuble to any gardener who deals with deer and rabbits.

Funny how they want to regulate natural plants but not mining companies or oil companies.