Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Syncrude Nails A Few More Ducks

...although, as Ezra Levant is sure to point out eventually, if it were Nigerian oil coating those ducks, there would be a teaspoon full of blood in each barrel, which would be even yukkier for the ducks. He would also probably accuse the ducks of being in cahoots with Greenpeace.


PS. This wasn't supposed to happen again.


Gerrard787 said...

Must be a slow news day.

Nothing of interest happening in TO BCL?

bigcitylib said...

You mean the election thingy?

Tof KW said...

Ya Paul, TO just became a bastion of the right last night ...meanwhile Calgary fell to the lefties last week. I've got news for you, neither is true.

Now that we've got that out of the way, what have you to say in defense of Oil Industy here?

Gene Rayburn said...

Paul S just likes happy fluffy news that praises Big Daddy and encourages him to spew more verbal stupidity.

But Im sure he'll put it in a far less eloquent way.

Gerrard787 said...

The election "thingy" is the elephant in the room BCL.

What are your thoughts?

Gene Rayburn said...

hey is staying off topic the latest conbot thing? I mean Paul S sees an article on ducks and starts talking about the Toronto Election. Ive noticed a few other conbots seem to be similarily Paultarded. Anyone else noticing this?

Terrence said...

I, too, would like to hear BCL's thoughts on the election.

Not because I'm wicked, mind you. Just curious. ;-)

Also: poor ducks.

bigcitylib said...

Terrence, Paul S,

Maybe I will write something up tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post BCL. There are many voters who will never vote for the Liberals because of their support of the Tar Sands. The failure of Syncrude, Suncor, and Shell to prevent these unfortunate exhausted migratory birds from landing on the tailings ponds may just have far more importance to Liberal fortunes in the next election than any municipal election results.

Gerrard787 said...

hey is staying off topic the latest conbot thing? - Gene

Staying on topic is easy. But avoiding the important topics altogether? That's a specialty of progressives Gene.

Canada sentences a terrorist ringleader and progressives want to talk about ducks.

I would have thought the conviction of Fahim Ahmad might have merited some comment, but no, dead ducks are the top topic.

The failure of Syncrude, Suncor, and Shell to prevent these unfortunate exhausted migratory birds from landing on the tailings ponds may just have far more importance to Liberal fortunes in the next election. . . - Ima1

And of the 1,000,000 birds that die colliding with office buildings in Toronto each year Iam1? Are those birds of any importance?

Terrence, Paul S,

Maybe I will write something up tomorrow. - BCL

I'm tingly with anticipation already. ;P

Gayle said...

Paul's right.

Where is the post about how Chretien was exonerated on the sponsorship scandal - again. Are you going to let all those little tiny tories continue with their baseless accusations without a response?

Ha ha ha

Tof KW said...

Paul S said... "And of the 1,000,000 birds that die colliding with office buildings in Toronto each year"


Aside from that number you threw around being preposterously high, it's a stupid argument. The office towers in Calgary and Edmonton would kill similar numbers to the hundred or so disoriented birds that may hit skyscrapers each year in TO. Additionally the tailing ponds are old technology that are not even required now. It is much easier scrapping the remaining tailing ponds (Syncrude will eventually realize it is cheaper investing in new technology rather that continue losing lawsuits) versus razing every office tower in Canada (with dubious results as to how many actual birds that actually saves).

Seriously Paul, you used to be a pretty good debater; but you've been sounding more and more like the one of the ignoramuses over the past few months. BCL finally posted about Ford’s election win for you, maybe you can write something more insightful there?

Gerrard787 said...

The 1,000,000 figure is from Toronto's Fatal Light Awareness Program T of KW.

Even if the figure is high by a factor of 10, Canadian cities are far more hazardous to the wellbeing of birds then the tarsands.

Companies working in the tarsands have been far more proactive about protecting birds then any city in Canada has been.

So when are our cities going to clean up their act in regards to our bird populations?

Deno said...

"The City of Toronto estimates almost ONE MILLION birds are killed every year when they fly into highrise buildings and other obstacles in the GTA. In an official report on the dangers faced by migratory birds issued a year ago, the authors state: "Although little research has been done to fully document the number of deaths due to window and building strikes across North America, it is believed that it is greater than the number of birds killed per year by cats, oil spills and pesticides combined."

The report says birds that aren't killed outright are left injured and vulnerable to scavengers and predators and become "indirect kills." In Toronto it is estimated that nearly one out of every ten birds that passes through the City collides with some type of structure.

The number of birds killed in window strikes in the United States every year is estimated to be as high as 976 million."

Lets saves some birds and get rid of all the high rises in Toronto and every other North American cities.


Anonymous said...

What baloney! How does the fact that birds are killed by flying into highrises justify killing them in the Tar Sands and in oil spills as well?

Gerrard787 said...

What baloney! How does the fact that birds are killed by flying into highrises justify killing them in the Tar Sands and in oil spills as well? - lma1

Scream as loud as you like 1ma1 but it doesn't change the fact that birds face far graver threats from any of our major cities.

Only the tarsands companies have been working proactively and aggressively to protect birds for many years.

Don't pretend to be sentimental about the deaths of ducks in Northern Alberta when you are silent on the demise of vastly more birds in our cities.

Anonymous said...

Paul S., kindly read my comment before you jump to conclusions. My words were "how does the fact that birds are killed by flying into highrises justify killing them in the Tar Sands". To put it another way, I was saying that TWO WRONGS DON'T MAKE A RIGHT.

Your reaction to BCL's post and follow up comments was interesting. First you try to change the subject to municipal elections, then you try to change the subject to birds killed in high rise collisions. Your purpose is clearly to minimize the environmental damage caused by the Tar Sands.

It's not a numbers game. Thousands of birds or one bird, they all count. Birds are threatened by any number of human activities, wind turbines, pesticides, urban development, deforestation, and the oil industry. Discussing one threat doesn't mean you are dismissing the others. Sorry you can't understand that.

Gerrard787 said...

Of course is it a numbers game

You peddle your fake outrage about 300 dead ducks yet can't rouse yourself to comment about hundreds of thousands of birds that die in collisions in Toronto alone each year.

I doubt you could tell the difference between a duck and a magpie so please excuse me if I find your "concern" about dead birds to be both phony and ill-informed.

Anonymous said...

Paul S., you might want to read "Danger in the Nursery", a peer-reviewed study published by the Natural Resources Defense Council, before you start calling anyone phony and ill-informed.

To quote from this report "Each year between 22 million and 170 million birds breed in the 35 million acres of Boreal forest that could eventually be developed for Tar Sands oil". Read it and weep. You just don't get it do you? The death of the ducks in the tailings ponds is bad enough, but it is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the impact of the Tar Sands on birds. Another example. What about the toxins being discharged into the Athabasca River and eventually ending up in the wetlands of Lake Athabasca? This is also impacting birds as well as other wildlife.

Perhaps your friends at Syncrude should also read NRDC's report. Isn't Syncrude one of the oil companies that, according to you, have been working for many years proactively and aggressively to protect birds? Is this the same Syncrude that was just fined $3 million for failing to practise due diligence in keeping the ducks off the tailings ponds?

I don't appreciate your personal attacks. If you want to discuss facts, fine. If you just take pleasure in personal insults, I'm not interested.

Unknown said...

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