Thursday, October 14, 2010

Unfortunate Timing

Saskatoon-Humboldt MP Brad Trost unleashes some family values fury against the judge who struck down Ontario's prostitution laws:

Prostitution is not despicable because it is illegal; it is illegal because it is despicable. Prostitution is not a career choice that any parent wants for their child. The government should not be party to the exploitation of vulnerable women. The role of government is to protect the weak, not to encourage their exploitation.

...on the same day the Harper government move to help unemployed escorts. I think Mr. Trost's personal copy of the bible just combusted.


Brent said...

Yes, the government should protect vulnerable women by forcing them out in the streets and arresting them if they ever dare call the police for help.

ridenrain said...

“It is sad that Canadians are subjected to such a lack of journalistic integrity, and that a major Canadian newspaper would give a story such prominence without first verifying the facts.”

Gene Rayburn said...

Really ridofbrain? A Ryan Sparrow quote? Not exactly the paragon of integrity there.

Very weak attempt rb.

ridenrain said...

Probably not as weak as the retraction from the reporter and newspapers.

I thought you guys weren't allowed to make things up?

Unknown said...

I'm so proud that Trost is my MP. Gross.

Gayle said...

What Brent said. Except that it is worse. In Edmonton the police have determined that 6 months in jail is not long enough for prostitutes, so they get their undercover officers to ask them to get them cocaine along with the blow job. Then, when the prostitute calls her dealer for the undercover cop, he arrests her for trafficking. Cops have told me this is so they can put them away for 3 years.

But they are not exploiting these women, all of whom are only on the streets in order to feed their addictions in the first place.

Gene Rayburn said...

Hey Ridofbrain could you please send a link showing the Star actually retracted or is it just another conbot fantasy of yours.

BTW that's rich of you accusing others of making things up. We've never gotten the truth out of you Bill (ridofbrain).

UU4077 said...

I thought one of the problems with prostitution is that it is not illegal. It's just that everything related to it is.

So, the judge wants it either illegal or safe.