Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Smitherman Kicks Ass

My wife had the radio playing last night while I read in the bath, so I listened to most of the T.O. mayoral debate. And I have to say that furious George came off looking pretty good. Pantalone tried to zing him with the E-Health scandal, and Smitherman turned it into an advert to the "11 Billion" (I think that's the number) he had helped bring to Toronto as a Minister in the McGuinty gov. In contrast, Ford came off looking small-time, with his talk about the kids at Jane/Finch being athletes like him, and how he coached football, and something about gangs, and etc. etc. Rocco Rossi's answers were erudite, but I came to the part in my book about the Glyptodon skulls found in association with men and kept losing the thread of his response. In any case, he seems a bit virginal, politically, and I wonder if he shouldn't have run for a council seat first and got a taste of city politics before aiming at the big job. Whereas George projects as a big gay he-male.


mauser98 said...

vote Smitherman. Toronto deserves him.

bigcitylib said...

Actually, Toronto doesn't deserve any of these guys. But, unfortunately, we have to vote for one.

Steve Bloom said...

I can guarantee you that every single known glyptodon skull eas found in association with men. So there.