Saturday, October 09, 2010


News of the Wegman plagiarism investigation spreads, to here, and here. Fuller writes about it, although he's not important enough to be considered MSM. And Pielke Jr. can't figure out a way to blame it all on Mann and Co.. This may become REALLY BIG NEWS: one of the denialist movements iconic figures may just get his balls handed to him by the university he works for...for actual goddamn scientific misconduct (not the fake kind). Remember, if the GOP takes over the house and Senate, Wegman's report would probably play a roll in the subsequent anti-science witchhunt. Now the man may have other concerns, including fending off legal action related to violating the copyright of some of the materials used in that report.

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Gerrard787 said...

"Anti-science withhunt"?? Give me a break. Do lefties actually believe that kind of talk?

More telling is how the Democrats, with both the House and the Senate under their control, abandoned the Copenhagen climate talks last year. Some commitment to "science".

As for the Wegman issue, bring it on.