Monday, October 25, 2010

Wind: What Lawrence Solomon Emits

He blithers as follows:

The role of wind farms in the soaring power bills is not yet widely understood, just as the role of nuclear reactors in the rising power bills of two decades ago wasn't initially understood. As this understanding takes hold, and as wind's environmental costs become better known, the pushback will grow and wind will come to symbolize out-of-scale technology and arrogance-- the new nuclear.

Well, a year is a long time in politics, but as of last April the rebellion hadn't materialized:

Seventy-nine per cent (79%) of Scarborough residents support Toronto Hydro's plan to put a wind measuring device off the Scarborough shore, while 84 per cent of Essex County residents support plans to build wind farms there.

"What we're seeing in Essex County and Scarborough is not only strong support for the Green Energy Act, but strong support for local wind energy initiatives," said Dan Arnold of Pollara.

And since then the only real resistance I see to government efforts at making Ontario a green energy manufacturing center are from a bunch of NIMBYs with highly alleged health concerns.

Of course, Tim Hudak is looking to ride any angry populist wave he can find; so what's he going to do to stem the tide of turbines? Pretty much nothing, as it turns out. I'd bet it's because he doesn't see a wave coming from that direction.


Unknown said...

Why don't you cheerleaders quote one thing that doesn't come directly from the wind industry. Do you quote the tobacco industry when trying to make a point.

The poll you suggested is a joke. It was written by the industry it illicit the results they wanted.

I live in Essex County and was called to take the poll. It went something like this....Do you favour wind energy to save the world? Yes, Maybe, Dont Know.

There was no WAY the answers read off by the pollster that I had to choose from, could possibly relay my disapproval of this giant boondoggle.

The truth always wins out no matter how much propoganda an industry lobby spews out. NO ONE I KNOW in this entire County is in favour of wind turbines. They see the downsides.

bigcitylib said...

Its done by Pollara. Respectable company. And the questions look pretty straightforward.

Tof KW said...

Boyz with Toyz said...
NO ONE I KNOW in this entire County is in favour of wind turbines.

The polls say otherwise, but perhaps a nice nuclear reactor would be better? We'll bury the spent uranium in your backyard, OK?

Unknown said...

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