Sunday, October 24, 2010

Concerning The Pro Rob Ford, Anti-Gay Radio Ad

...that has popped up on CTBC (the Canadian Tamil Broadcasting Corporation). Its difficult to imagine that the Ford campaign would be stupid enough to have put it together. However, Vijay writes that the local Tamil community plans to raise heck, so perhaps we shall get an explanation soon enough. Probably the most important question is why the CTBC would run such an ad in the first place.

PS. A direct link to the ad is here. It isn't in English, but a translation is provided in the accompanying text:

1st Person: Mani Anna, Who you voting for in the Mayoral Election?

2nd Person: [Laughs] What kind of question is this? I am Tamil. We have a religion and culture. Take Rob Ford for an example, His wife is a women. Thats not only it, he said will reduce Land transfer taxes and other taxes.

1st Person: What about Immigration?

2nd Person: [Laughs] Thats a federal government issue. So, the white people can get our vote.

1st Person: I am also going to vote for Rob Ford.

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Actually, Ford has said he will eliminate the LTT, but whatever.

PPS. Much of this appeared to break last evening around midnight. Here is a Ford campaign pollster expressing disappointment in the ad. It also looks like the CTBC has stopped running the ad.


Polyorchnid Octopunch said...

Well, when it comes to the CTBC running the ad, it could be that the folks there saw the ad and found themselves in too delicious a position to let the campaign rat fuck itself to pass up.

James Curran said...

And Ford really loves them Tamils....

Rob Ford on the Tamil protest that shut down the Gardiner a few years ago.

"Enough is enough. If I was mayor, they would have been immediately removed from the Gardiner," he said, noting the parents who took their children on the Gardiner yesterday should be punished and have Children's Aid investigate. "We can't have this bleeding heart approach anymore because people's and kids' lives are in danger." "We are not going to tolerate any more of this hoodlumism, as I call it."