Friday, October 08, 2010

Edward Wegman Under Investigation For Plagiarism

John Mashey's hard work, which I have written about on occasion (most recently here), has finally paid off. Professor Edward Wegman, best known for his criticism of climate science in "The Wegman Report" and in his testimony before the U.S. Congress, has come under investigation for misconduct and plagiarism by George Mason University, where he is employed.
If you look at the name of the person who demanded that the university launch its investigation (he is the addresee in the letter above) you can see that its "Raymond S. Bradley". Mr. Bradley co-authored of one of the papers Wegman attacked in his report, and he is also one of the people Wegman allegedly plagiarized:

"Talk about irony.[Mr. Bradley noted] It just seems surreal (that) these authors could criticize my work when they are lifting my words."

The article suggests that Wegman has initiated legal action. Perhaps John Mashey will show up in the comments and let us know more about that, particularly if it is directed at him.

PS. John tells me that the litigation has nothing to do with him.


Gerrard787 said...

Witch-hunt! LOL

John Mashey said...

But just to be clear, Bradley first notified them in March, which is why they appointed a committee in April, which only needs to look at Deep Climate's side-by-sides to decide if an actual investigation is warranted. There's a precise difference between inquiry and investigation. See GMU Policies, but in common parlance, they get confused.

This is really hard work, to look at a few pages of side-by-sides. I guess it takes 5-6 months, especially with difficult material like this or this.

I'm not sure they have yet to decide whether or not there's an issue, which is all the inquiry committee needed to do. Of course, it was a clever move not to have met until let August...

Actually, yesterday I discovered the original inspiration for the Wegman/Climategate/Cuccinelli witch-hunts.

Without a doubt it must have been this classic.

But sadly, some people don't recover after being turned into newts.

Anonymous said...

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