Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Harper Bones Ezra

Ezra fuming over the UN vote that deprived Canada of its turn on the Security Council:
But I'm made to understand that it was an ethical boning. If it had been Nigerians that had boned Ezra, it would have been less ethical and environmentally unfriendly.


Jim Parrett said...

Poor Ezra, it's always about the Jews. He must be the most paranoid man in the world. He - like Harper - has never understood that acting like an asshole towards the rest of the world gets you diddly. It gets Levant more wingnut welfare but all it got Harper was a stupid minority.

Mark Richard Francis said...

Is it ethical to supply Ezra's "ethical oil" to China? Can't wait to see Ezra spin that one if the time ever comes.

Mark Richard Francis said...

Oh, and "Harper Bones Ezra" is imagery I do not need.

MgS said...

Did anybody read some of Levants "twittering" - my god, but the man is positively obsessed - when it isn't with the evils of Islam and Sharia, it's with his own awesomeness.

Hmmm...I can just see the psychiatric diagnosis now ... extreme OCD combined with narcissism - how lovely!

meddy said...

Course correction --

Ezroil will help civilize those brutes in China.
Light to the nations.