Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Prog Blogs Thingy Thursday Night

Impolitical, CC (Canadian Cynic), myself, and a few others will be getting together Thursday after work (six or sevenish), at a super-secret downtown location. Beers and discussion will be on the agenda. We're keeping it mild, and it'll be a relatively early evening, as none of us are as wild and crazy or even as mobile as we used to be. Since my many, many unpublished novels remain unpublished, I won't be autographing those. However, if readers want to print out the BCLSB post that most changed their life, I will be happy to sign that. As Jose Canseco charges $25 for marking up a baseball, you will realize that a my paltry $5 fee is a deal that can't be missed. Email Imp or myself ( at bigcitylib@hotmail.com) for vetting and, if you are very lucky, a message revealing the super-secret location, which cannot be revealed upon pain of death because the enemy is everywhere.



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Dennis Hollingsworth said...

I’d love to be joining you cats, as I’ve been reading your blogs for the past 2-3 years. Alas, I’m committed to the WARD 28 all candidates outing at Rogers studio in Don Mills for that time slot … I’m Dennis Hollingsworth at hollingsworthdennis@hotmail.com. Perhaps I could take a rain cheque and catch-up with yourselves at a later date > CHEERS