Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rob Ford Wiggles

Ford needs the province to agree if he is to proceed with his campaign promise to convert the Sheppard light rail line — on which nearly $70 million has already been spent — into a subway.

The mayor-elect said he has set up a meeting with the premier to discuss the matter. If he can’t get McGuinty’s approval, or if killing the LRT means hundreds of millions in penalties and fees on contracts, the subway won’t go ahead, Ford said.

“If it’s going to cost the taxpayer an arm and leg, then obviously we can’t do it,” he said

Translation: kiss that promise good-bye.


He said he’s hopeful he can end the VRT — and possibly slash councillor expense accounts — in the first new council meeting in December.

But he repeated his concern that the city would need approval from the province to get rid of the Land Transfer Tax, which brought in $183 million to the city in 2009.

Actually, as mentioned in this story and confirmed here, he doesn't need any such approval. So, my translation: the vehicle registration tax will go, the LTT not so much. And, of course, the much railed against street-cars will stay. And there's that line again: if it costs “the taxpayers an arm and a leg, then obviously we can’t do it.” Wanna bet this replaces "stop the gravy train" as the Fordism du jour?

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