Monday, June 25, 2007

Avert Your Eyes When You Visit This Blog

Love this.

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

abortion (6x)
ass (4x)
hell (2x)
pussy (1x)

What do you have to motherfucking do to get a motherfucking X-Rating in this motherfucking place?

h/t to April Reign.


Red Canuck said...

Hah! I just re-entered your url, and despite your attempts to get an X-rating, you're still just a motherfucking R. :)

I'm a little upset own blog came up as a lame PG-13. I guess I need to porn it up a little bit.

Ti-Guy said... "R" (tit, 13x)
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation: "PG-13" (breast, 5x) "G" (abortion, 1x)

Drew Adamick said...

Only a "G" for my little blog- guess I should up the language a bit, :D.

bigcitylib said...
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bigcitylib said...


Some advice. "Boobies" don't make the cut, no matter how often you use it. I think you have to employ the "V" word.

Aurelia said...

I got an X rating! Weeeeee, guess us mommybloggers spice it up a little more than you political guys? hehe

Alison said...

Focus on the Family only got a G, which is kind of surprising what with them being so heavily into "spanking" and all.

Anonymous said...

Funny. It got that R rating because of the cry-baby culture developed by Liberals, as everyone is so easily offended nowadays. And you're complaining . . . why?