Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Who Buys The Underwear? A Political Analysis Of The Dion Household

The take-away message I get from Chatelaine's piece on Janine Krieber is that Stephane Dion has definite leadership qualities. He knows how to delegate responsibility. For example, he gets his wife to do all his crap for him:

Dion may be the leader of the opposition, but Krieber is the CEO of Krieber-Dion Inc. She does the banking, writes the cheques, keeps the books, files the taxes and buys all of his clothes – even his underwear.

Way to go, Stephane! My wife buys my underwear too, and my socks and everything, and I suspect the same applies in many "ordinary" Canadian households. Because my wife tells me there is actually a perceivable difference between a pair of brown socks, and a pair of brown socks with little black diamonds on the ankle, and if I wear the wrong set my career might be in jeopardy. So if she wants to hunt down the correct shade of footwear while I'm drinking beer and watching tv, then I say more power to her (of course Stephane would be more likely to sip champagne and read the constitution, but whatever; reading Chatelaine I still feel like I've just bonded with the guy).

And it doesn't end there:

"His wife, Janine Krieber, says Dion is so clumsy he's absolutely useless around the house. 'He can't be trusted to change a light bulb, especially halogen.'"

She does light-bulbs too? Obviously, Dion is steeped in "guy" wisdom, like when I volunteered to wash clothes one time and everything came out purple. Because the stupider they think you are, the more they'll leave you alone. And anyway, women are actually quite good when it comes to manual labor. The French have a saying which, when translated, goes something like: "Women...they are as strong as a dog!" If Dion's got her changing tires for him, then I think I'd be prepared to follow him anywhere.


Anonymous said...

a panty waist, pussy whipped Liberal intellectual.

Uh huh . . . 100% prime PM material.

maybe his wife should be the leader.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! I'm a ordinary feller. Leastwise, I like to think so.

I worked in house construction most o' my life. I packed a lunch an' drank coffee with the other nail-pounders on the jobsites. Knocked back a dozen beers aftyer work on Friday's. I'm mostly outta the nail-poundin' game, now, but 30 years of sluggin' qualifies me as a regular workin' stiff, sez I.

My wifemate, Ma, has her degree from U of Goo. I never finished university. Ma kept her dear departed Dad's name when we tied the knot. Right now, Ma makes more money than me. A lot more.

She buys my underwear, too.

A lotta the other fellers out on teh jobsites got wives who got more education and make more money than they do. There usually ain't any benefits like dental plans when yer a nail-pounder or house painter. Most ordinary workin' fellers like it when the wife's a teacher or nurse an' has some benefits.

I live in smalltown southwestern Ontariariario. It don't get much more ordinary. My good next door neighbours are a lesbian couple with teenaged, honour student kids. Across the street, our good neighbours are a mixed race common law couple with a mentally challenged 18 yo boy. We got a doctor, some teachers, factory hands, retired folks and nail-pounders all livin' on the street.

There's a few Bible thumpers on the block, I suppose. They ain't never pushed their Leave it to Beaver lifestyle on me.

BTW, does Prime Minister Harper buy his own Stanfields? Are we gonna see a photo-op of Harper shoppin' fer a new ginch?

Sheesh! The Con's is really graspin' at straws. Desperate? Looks that way.


Anonymous said...

Stephen Taylor (and his PMO masters) are entering dangerous territory. If they compare Krieber and Teskey, then it will be open season on Teskey's past.

Or the private lives of John Baird, Rona Ambrose, Raheem Jaffer, Sandra Buckler, and Helena Guergis.

The family values rubbish will only get you so far.

Anonymous said...

I see, he is empowering his wife by making her do all the tedious, menial, mind-numbing tasks around the house because she's a WOMAN. What a sexist prick!

Leadership qualities? The guy is obviously incompetent in the real world, and the only place he shows his 'talent' is in the coddled world of academia. As somebody else said, Professor and Sociology should never be on any PM's resume.

This guy cannot even change a lightbulb? My 6 year old daughter can do that.

bigcitylib said...

anon 11:11,

Exactly, get your daughter used to doing that kind of thing.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if she just buys women's underwear in bulk for them both?

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Don't anybuddy scoff at the underwear buyers.

King Steve has a psychic image gal who buys all his clothes and she gets paid good money do do it. At least, I figger she must be gettin' paid a bundle or else Harpoon would tell what we're payin' to have somebuddy primp his hair, put on his make-up and choose his skivvies.

Service as Underwear Buyer to the Prime Minister may just qualify one for appointment to the Senate. If I had a daughter, I'd want her to grow up as influential and well-paid as Harp's dresser. I wouldn't hold her back.


Ti-Guy said...

This guy cannot even change a lightbulb? My 6 year old daughter can do that.

Yeah, but she'll still turn out to be an asshole like you are if you don't grow up. I suggest you stop worrying about her lightbulb changing skills, and think about what it will be like having a witless prick for a parent.

Reality Bites said...

Baird doesn't have to worry about his private life being dredged up.

There isn't a single gay man anywhere in Canada who'd ever admit to having sex with him.

Anonymous said...

Dion is colour blind - like many men so I can understand why his wife picks out his clothes. My husband is colour blind. In fact he has a rare kind of colour blindness. If he look at brown - his eyes sort out the red and black and he doesn't see brown.

Perhaps Harper's wife should help him out - he needs it. Oh, yes, I forgot we are paying a primper for him.

"can't change a light bulb" is strictly a phrase saying he's not the handyman type. Those idiot Blogging Tories took it literally - what a bunch of numb skulls.

I buy my husband's underwear (when sales are on) and my husband is not an academic or a nerd - he hates shopping.

The Blogging Tories don't even understand common phrases - unbelievable.

canuckistanian said...

bcl, jimbobby, ti-guy: thanks for the belly chuckle.

this will play wel for the connie base who think that women who keep their maiden names are uppity feminist bitches who should just shut up and breed. of course, that will not play well with ordinary canadians. it would be nice if the connies keep bringing up dion's wife; imo she is a great asset for him, and would remind canadians that dion's wife has held a real job and is a respected sharp contrast to our ne'er-do-well prime minister.

Anonymous said...

Hell, I'm glad my wife shops for me, not that I can't do it myself but I hate crowds, line ups and retail droids.

I even let her drive. Actually I make her drive we race to the car, loser drives.

I think the Harper's problem is much more severe. You see before he gets up enough steam to to screw us he needs Layton to be his fluffer.

Anonymous said...

It's all fun and games making fun of the little Canadian woman right up until we all remember the Canadian women who have fought and died for this country.
Does anyone think these women died picking out socks for men?

Anonymous said...

I doubt that Harper has taken out Danger Pay on Muntean, his psychic fluffer. If he has, and Canadians are paying for it, it should be on the books. If Harper's personal stylist and psychic makeup artist has flown with Harper into Danger Danger Danger, then she should be paid.
Will Muntean get a promise letter from Harper like the war widows? Or will Muntean refuse to fly until he guarannnnnteeeees it?

Anonymous said...

Reality Bites: what you say is true. the first gay pride cruise out here was two weeks ago and I canvassed the crew and patrons: not one person would admit to it; not one person wanted to.
It's the hair job, and the fake teeth when bared that turned them off.
Just to smarmy to be at all real. I guess that comes from trying to act all hetero for Harper while still pretending to be true to one's-self. Baird's acting all too good to be true.

Good catch!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jean Chretien should take him along on another deer hunting photo-op.