Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Stockwell Day Misleads SoCons?

Good Lord! How can that be? From Stock's weekly column, which is otherwise mostly about how our man would like to pump iron with Arnold Schwarzenegger:

During his visit [Arnold] and a Canadian University also announced a $30 million research grant for cancer stem cell research. The money is smartly directed to post-natal cells, not pre-natal, avoiding the touchy debate of using embryonic stem cells.

Given the sum involved, Mr. Day is clearly talking about the Mcguinty/Schwarzenegger announcement at the MaRs Discovery District research centre in Toronto. However, his words jibe ill with the Campaign Life response to this announcement:

The Campaign Life Coalition accused McGuinty of betraying his Catholic faith by supporting stem-cell research with the grant.

"Read my lips, Arnold and Dalton, embryonic stem cell research does not work," said Jim Hughes, national president of Campaign Life Coalition.

"There is no need to kill human embryos. The scientists are only pushing for this because the embryos are available."

So is Stockwell trying to mislead the CPoC political base, or was the base (in the form of Campaign Life) confused about the nature of the deal? Does Stockwell even know what "natal" means?


Anonymous said...

he likes Arnie because Arnie is a BIG supporter of the death penalty and he has rejected Kyoto.

Arnie is so cool . . kills bad guys and bad public policies.

Anonymous said...

According to an article currently posted on Drudge, several scientists have discovered a simple procedure to switch ordinary stem cells into embryonic stem cells in mice. If they can replicate that for human cells, they're predicting that the whole embryo controversey will become moot. Interesting read.


Anonymous said...

Doris Day looks like a girly man. I mean, really, Stockwell pumps iron?

It doesn't show. I think he goes to the gym and pretends so he can look at other guys' bodies.

Anonymous said...

...And lying with them as with a woman?