Friday, June 08, 2007

Harper To Canada: Get Your Own Damn Psychic!


OTTAWA (CP) - The cost to taxpayers for Stephen Harper's personal stylist is destined to remain the prime minister's beauty secret.
The NDP attempted to part the curtains blocking access to details about the public cost of Michelle Muntean's services, and who oversees her work. MP Judy Wasylycia-Leis submitted a formal question in the House of Commons that requires a government answer, but received no details.

So I consulted with the amazing Wanda here, and she gazed deep into her crystal ball. Her reading?

$9.00 an hour, and Michelle gets first crack at any meeting munchies that everyone else has left behind.

(On a slightly more serious note: stupid move on Harper's part. People will keep looking until this information comes out. Might as well volunteer it and be embarrassed just once.)


Canadian Tar Heel said...

Might as well volunteer it and be embarrassed just once.

Sound advice. E.g., Obama volunteered his drug experimentation in his first book.

Anonymous said...

The more people try to keep secrets, the more curious people get.

What is Harper hiding? We all know now that he has a primper and taxpayers are paying - so what's to hide? Hmmm....the cost must be out of this world.